Is it Illegal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

is it illegal to buy cannabis seeds online

Is it illegal to buy cannabis seeds online? There are many counties that have already legalized marijuana use. The percentage of the lawmakers who are trying to push the decriminalization of this beautiful herb has increased significantly over that past few years. You must be aware that there are still countries, states, and territories in the world that haven’t yet legalized the selling, cultivation, consumption, and buying of marijuana. The question here is, can you really buy weed seeds online? The answer to that question isn’t just a yes or no. It’s completely legal for you to buy cannabis seeds online given where you like in selected numbers of states in the USA or countries like Europe. In this article, we will feature some countries where is it legal to buy marijuana seeds

Are cannabis seeds legal?

Technically, marijuana seeds are legal across all 180 participating countries. Theoretically, it’s also perfectly legal to purchase marijuana seeds as long as they’re not germinated, and also the public prosecutor could not confirm that you aim to grow marijuana. As a result, many countries don’t consider marijuana seeds to be illegal but also not legal. Marijuana seed itself is also allowed, but it is not always the germination of the seed. A lot of confusion.

The legality of cannabis seeds per country

It is legal in Europe to sell and purchase small amounts of marijuana seeds online. Nevertheless, it is not permitted to sell seeds in larger quantities to individuals. Particularly because selling large quantities is regarded as an incentive for large-scale breeding. And at the same time, it is still unclear in which line should be drawn between large and small volumes. Therefore, a lot of seed banks sell seeds in small amounts. Despite the 1962 constitution, many other countries have their very own views on marijuana seeds. Therefore, we highly suggest everybody check the constitutionality of marijuana seeds inside their own country before purchasing them.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in the USA?

Is it illegal to buy cannabis seeds online in the USA? U.S. citizens are faced with conflicting laws. Marijuana seeds are not legal at the national level. It also extends to imports of marijuana seeds from outside of the United States. Even though residing in states like Oklahoma, Michigan, Vermont, California, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon, Columbia, and Nevada it is perfectly legal to cultivate medical cannabis and in certain cases also for personal recreational purposes. Fortunately, it doesn’t stop the USA citizens from purchasing marijuana seeds internationally. Particularly as the value of marijuana seeds in Europe is regarded to be good, there is much more option and no defined implications of purchasing marijuana overseas.

Are cannabis seeds legal in Australia?

It is perfectly possible to purchase marijuana seeds in Australia and grow your own marijuana once you have a prescription for medical marijuana. If you don’t have any prescription and you’re captured with cannabis seeds, the police would probably consider the seeds illegal and seize them. In other words, Marijuana seeds are illegal only for non-medicinal consumers and it may be difficult to buy marijuana seeds online as many seed banks, like Nirvana, have halted transporting to Australia. Particularly as many shipments have been seized. However, Australian users can still purchase marijuana seeds in online stores.

Can you legally buy marijuana seeds in Canada?

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Canada? The federal government made it legal to cultivate four plants for every household. Nevertheless, the seedlings must be purchased from a legal local source, and the laws on domestic growth differ from province to province. For instance, plants in B.C. might not even be publicly visible, and plants in New Brunswick have to be in enclosed spaces.

In The UK

Is it illegal to buy cannabis seeds online in the UK? It is entirely legal in the United Kingdom to buy marijuana seeds online. Nevertheless, there is still a draw, while you still can purchase seeds online without breaking any laws, the ordinance of actually growing the cannabis seeds you have bought is illegal; the same would be true of people who have bought marijuana seeds “with a purpose” to grow and germinate those cannabis seeds.

Can you legally buy marijuana seeds in New Zealand?

Marijuana seeds are illegal in New Zealand. Therefore it is not possible to purchase marijuana seed in a store. But so far, and even though it isn’t allowed, there are indeed a lot of alternatives like online shopping. For example, Crop King Seeds.

Are cannabis seeds legal in Germany?

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Germany? Although Germany is really the only European country to ban the sale of marijuana seeds, there’s also a trade-in goods within the country. Marijuana seeds are therefore allowed in Germany.

Can you legally buy marijuana seeds in South Africa?

Is it illegal to buy cannabis seeds online in South Africa? South Africa had already legalized the use of marijuana in private spaces, but there are still a number of uncertainties. For instance, whether you could legally buy marijuana seeds. South Africa has a weird policy on marijuana seeds. The purchase and sale of marijuana seeds are prohibited in South Africa, but you may have marijuana seeds in your custody. Therefore,  many users are buying their seeds online.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in the Netherlands?

Marijuana seeds are legal in the Netherlands and could be bought and sold. Nevertheless, the law is uncertain as to the quantity of marijuana seed that you could purchase or sell without promoting large-scale production. What could be awesome is that cultivating more than 5 marijuana plants is illegal in the Netherlands which is seen as a criminal offense.

In Europe

The rules governing the purchasing of marijuana seeds online could still vary widely across different countries in Europe. If ever you live in Europe, and therefore it is essential that you try and make sense of all those different regulations before purchasing marijuana seeds online.

Spain, on the other hand, is a perfect country for individuals looking to grow marijuana seeds. Marijuana seeds could be bought legally online in most Spanish regions and it can only be expanded and germinated for personal purposes.

Marijuana seeds may also be legally purchased online for people who live in Italy who have been fully entitled to invest in cannabis seed because they are regarded to be cultivating equipment. Nevertheless, these cannabis seeds could not be germinated legally, and when it is presumed that you intend to do so, you might well find yourself mostly on the wrong side of the law.

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