It takes money to make money in the Marijuana Grow World

Simple fact, whether you are in the medical marijuana business, or whether you are a stockbroker. No stock broker is going to advise caution on a blue chip stock, but in order to get into those blue chip stocks you have to have some scratch. Jingle, dough, bread, cash, scratch and the green, it all amounts to the same thing, money. Despite all the crazy press out there telling you can make money from nothing, the simple truth is that you can’t. So buckle yourself into your space-ship, we are going on a weed-seed exploratory flight.

“Free” ganja seeds are no different, nor should they be

The adage of having to have money to make money holds true in the cannabis seed world. Thankfully for all of us consumers, it holds true in a very lovely way. If you spend as little (or as much) as $100.00 on the “pay-for” seeds, you can realize a tiny cache of freebies that come with all the excellent pedigrees and quality you can imagine. If you don’t believe me, check out some of the marijuana seed sites and do some test shopping runs. They will allow you to do that, and it is fun to watch your free seed s start piling up as you meander through the atmosphere of marijuana seeds and their commensurate qualities and productivity levels. Keep an eye on what you are spending, and know when to stop, this can be addictive in a wishful sort of way, but don’t let it be. Here’s a little reminder, if you aren’t willing to spend at least $100.00 on the seeds you pay for, you might want to wait a while. $100.00 seems to be a nice magic number, even now, for at least cranking in a little batch of freebies. If you can’t afford it right now, don’t do it. Wait until you can.

Be prepared for your free pot seeds

Have your grow room and all the accoutrements ready for your marijuana seeds. Although ganja seeds store pretty well under most circumstances, the fresher the better. The fresher your seeds are the more stable they are growing, the better germination rate they have, and the higher the ease of growing. Some seeds are very persnickety to grow, and some are just outright fussy. Starting from the basic is always your best bet, so be ready to start your marijuana grow once you get the ganja seeds.

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