Let’s talk about building your own marijuana grow room for your Premium and Free Marijuana Seeds

I was recently watching an episode of the comedy Weeds, when the main character was talking to someone about constructing a grow room for her, or discussing a grow room he had built for her.  Umm, I can’t exactly remember what it was they were discussing, but when they got to the part in the dialogue where he told her how much it had cost to have the grow room built, I just about spit my coffee across the room. WTH! I know I know it is “Hollywood” as it were, but what did he build that grow room out of, solid titanium?  I want to dispel a couple of myths right here and now, the kind of myths that HBO producers tap into in order to write their cheesy (but funny) comedies from.

The materials for marijuana grow room are not expensive, or hard to find

They are the exact same materials one uses to build just about anything else on the planet; namely lumber, fastening devices, a handful of easily found tools (if you don’t have them already) in particular a drill and a skil saw, a measuring tape, a level, a t-square and some patience if this is your first time out. Yes, I know this list is incomplete, but I am trying to impart the sense of the thing here; not get all technical and draw you diagrams and provide all the measurements. If you have an opposing thumb on at least one hand, a little bit of extra time, a small amount of extra money, and a nice clear work space, you are well on your way.

Grow room materials are readily available, start price comparing now

The first thing you have to do is measure the area you are going to be doing your marijuana grow room in. Know what size you want the grow room to be, and be as exact as you can possibly be. You need linear measurements, not square measurements at this point. How many feet will the sides be, how many feet for the front and back, and how high are the walls going to be. All of these measurements will have great effect on what materials you can use in the build of your grow room, so get them right.

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