What lights for my marijuana seeds should I use in my grow room

What lights for my marijuana seeds should I use in my grow room

Well, this is a question that has a lot of answers, but only a few truths in the field. HID or high-intensity discharge lights are the best for marijuana seeds. Yes, there are a lot of other claimants out there to the throne of best light for the bud grows, but in the end, the HID is the best by far. That does not mean they should be the only light you use, so I am going to outline a couple of lights you can use in your marijuana seeds grow that will enhance the performance of the HID lights. The emphasis here is on improving your HID lights, not replacing them.

Please bear in mind that opinions are great, everyone is entitled to have them, but the fact is a far narrower field, and the reality is that HID lights are the primary ones to use in a grow.  So let’s move forward and talk about some lights you can use as alternative lighting to your HID’s.

Whether in the vegetative or flowering phase of your marijuana grow, there are some lamps to use as additions to the HID.

Some of the fluorescents grow lights offer a nice rounding off of the light spectrum. They can be ancillary lighting to the HID’s.  Fluorescents provide a delicate balance of all the essential colors in the light spectrum, reds, yellows, greens, and blues. Metal Halides offer mostly greens and blues, and the high-pressure sodium’s offer primarily reds and yellows.

Although not necessary, the addition of the extra spectrum colors a fluorescent light can offer is helpful, in every phase of the grow. So what is ideal is to make space for at least one fluorescent light in your grow room, to offer that balance to your marijuana grow. You don’t have to change the bulbs when you switch light cycles. You can, however, make sure that your fluorescent is as clean as it should be. That is something you want to do with all of your lights for marijuana seeds throughout the entire growing cycle.

Remember, the fluorescents are only additional lighting, not primary lighting for your marijuana grow. When you start with HID’s as your primary lighting source in the produce, you can add other lamps and fixtures as you see fit, and see if they help, or make a difference.

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