List of Good Sativa Strains for Creativity

best sativa strains

Marijuana has been credited with the creative thinking of many great artists from a broad variety of fields. Research findings have shown that marijuana could also greatly boost creativity. There are so many marijuana strains available at the moment, and that there is reason to believe that some may be stronger at trying to bring out the creativity of the user that others are. In this article, we are going to take a look at most of the best Sativa strains to ignite creativity and what Sativa strains are the best for creativity. Since feelings are open to interpretation and every person responds differently. Below and the Sativa strain list that is good for creativity.

Sour Diesel

Totally thrilling, Sour Diesel is one that can be reached if you want to run on happy juice for hours. It also is a tasty treat for even the finest marijuana user, with complicated taste buds of tastes and flavors that would keep you content. In which the noob may also be pleased with it because it’s just plain sweet, Sour Diesel truly consumes a lot of levels, fuel, citrus, mixing sour, skunk, and spice notes for a big strike. When you perceive the lineage of Sour D, that sophisticated flavor makes more sense because it was bred in the famous Super Skunk and Chemdawg. What else you might not assume that’s how it knocks you so hard and leaves you with such a fairytale-like buzz both in the physical and cerebral spheres.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze has a typical, long, mature psychotropic Sativa legacy that is domesticated with a thick Indica mountains dash. Two land-races and a hybrid are being expertly blended to create a THC force which has the effect that even the most seasoned marijuana aficionados would find it overwhelming and persistent. Amnesia Haze has thick clusters of flowers that are hard to reach unless treated affectionately. The firm nuggets are so well-crystallized that they seem to be gently glazed with a kind of tropical coriander and lime, mandarin, and marjoram flavored caramel that glitter and refreshes the sun. Damage control mode trichome production is rewarded by Amnesia Haze for hashing algorithms and other extractions. Warm and 20 ton rolled, the transparent honey-colored THC level reaching 22% resin waterfalls are a sticky spectacular sight and an unparalleled aromatic discovery.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a perfect hippy head stash. Retro Sativa with just enough control to keep flowering for less than 10 weeks. It’s the best Sativa strains of choice for an innovative marijuana connoisseur. Artistically, few modern hybrids could even relate to the deep lavender and purple colors that appear in leaves and flowers during the late flowering season. The aroma of Purple Haze is tropical,  sweet,  and attractive. You are hoping it tastes as amazing as it smells because it really does. Purple is synonymous with the aristocracy or aristocracy in Asia. According to its Thai heritage, the Purple Haze is the mother of the Haze tribe. 

Durban Poison

Durban Poison originally comes from the port city of Durban, South Africa. Breeders wanted to fly to explore what the South African Sativas had to offer. The seeds were shipped to Amsterdam, in which ganja scientists started breeding this cannabis plant with a variety of green delicacies. This cannabis strain is derived from the original Durban, which was hybridized with Indica genes. Durban Poison is a popular variety in several seed banks and may have variants of this Sativa of their own. The flavor of Durban Poison is exceptional. Standard fruity Haze-like scents are evident, in addition to the sweet, liquorice, and anise aromas that add flavor to this S. The high are considered to be highly full of energy and uplifting. When you want to go hiking with your friends or enjoy surfing, Durban Poison is a good strain for activities. Durban Poison users also noticed a great deal of concentration after hitting the toke.  Creative people and artists will draw inspiration and energy from this type of plant. Durban Poison seems like an Indica, with large leaves. Even though one finds Sativa dominance at the end of the flowering season. Growers laud this cultivar for its defensive and robust nature. Durban Poison can hit around 2-3 m, a classic Sativa jump. Experienced indoor cannabis growers will cultivate this strain utilizing ScrOG techniques and string support techniques.


Chemdog is OG Kush’s award-winning cross with Sour Diesel and two iconic parents who produced the same, if not much more influential, cannabis strain. The effects of this cannabis strain are strong.  With a THC level of around 21% and a CBD level of 1.5%, this strain has the ability to bring back even experienced ones. Expect a long-lasting, profound, narcotic impact. Others go as far as to suggest the perception is shifting. Patented in the United States, this is now an all-time favorite from coast – to – coast. This cannabis strain is the first all-American star marijuana strain in the world. Plants grow medium-sized and react well to training and pruning. Completing flowering in 9 weeks under 12 to 12 mark, Chemdog showcases the characteristics that set the benchmark for modern grace. This marijuana still is a favorite aficionado, with a huge bag of attraction.


AK-47 cannabis strains one of the best Sativa strains that offers a massive variety of mind and body benefits and effects, also categorized as a potent hybrid strain. This weed is a synthesis of the genetic breeding of four usual and powerful marijuana strains: Mexican, Thai, Afghan, and Colombian.  A four-layered landrace genetic, AK-47 cannabis strain is as strong as a bullet in power even though not in how everything makes you happy. Starting off of the body and encouraging it to cure itself and offer tremendous relief from different illnesses, this popular cannabis strain is “high in therapeutic benefits and poor in harmful side effects. AK-47 has made a splash and received several awards worldwide, because of its strong THC level and out-of-the-world flavor qualities. This cannabis strain is some kind of go-to-marijuana and it has become a standard in medicinal cabinets for patients with medical cannabis and stones too. 

OG Kush

Providing the base of several world-famous marijuana varieties, OG Kush is considered a genius for pioneering the cannabis industry and also growing to its present position as among the most prominent contemporary varieties of the medical marijuana industry. Many researches identify the OG Kush cannabis strains as a hybrid, even though only a few know it’s true genetic roots. Of course, these theories have never been proven, but the roots of OG Kush do not seem to matter as much as the impact this has on the field of marijuana is truly undeniable. In addition, a plurality of subsequent phenotypes was bred by OG Kush, most of them acquiring huge popularity both in the recreational and medical markets. This pure Sativa strains have a THC level reaching up to 20%-27&, for instance, the kick that this top Sativa strains is particularly strong and is really a hitter for anyone who uses it. 

Blue Dream

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a good Sativa strain that originally comes from California and incorporates the genetics of Haze and Blue Indica to create a unique strain famous for its potency, medical benefits, and effects. The results of the Blue Dream blend the best of the Sativa and Indica worlds. Most consumers experience a rapid onset of light relaxation, which later helps ease into intense, heavy, full-body relaxation. Most consumers stand with this cannabis strain for day-to-day use because it offers relaxing and calming effects of marijuana, but also leaves it operational enough to stay active, socially, and inspired. Some consumers might experience a little bit of Indica-dominant-like symptoms which might result in different genetics. Blue Dream has an uplifting impact combined with intense physical relaxation. And to others, this offers instant relief from depression and stress while still coping with discomfort, fatigue, and headaches. The aroma and taste of this cannabis represent ancestors. Think of the powerful berry scent of the blueberry, combined with the extraordinary sweet tones of the Haze. Many consumers can also encounter a hint of oak, or herby, and somewhat grassy undercurrents. 



Tangie is one of the best Sativa strains 2019 with the 30% Indica and 7% Sativa that some claim is a homage or replica of the famous Tangerine Dream cannabis trains. It is the offspring of California Orange and an unidentified Skunk variety, even though the assumption is, it is most probably to be the Skunk no. 1 phenotype used to produce many other hybrid strains. Tangie is indeed a potent variety, with THC levels reaching 19% to 22% and with CBD levels at 0.1%. Tangie has a mental effect that comes on rapidly, culminating in an intense feeling, which slowly leaves smokers of such a strain feeling satisfied, energized, and uplifted.

Green Crack

Green Crack

At a genetic ratio, it has 35% Indica and 65% Sativa, the impact of this cannabis strain is completely Sativa-dominant, without even a doubt, you are going to feel energized after just taking a few hits. You will start by feeling the immediate energy boost directly at the center of your body. Sooner or later, it will make its way to your psyche, where powerful mental effects could be experienced which will leave your mind and brain uplifted, happy, glimmering, and completely blissful, probably contributing to a raise in creative and spiritual strength. This weed will leave you spinning, and don’t ever worry about both the drop or the anxiousness; this would run you down nice and simple, with a few negative side effects but no hangover or abrupt drop. These all strong reviews from smoking Green Crack cannabis make it perfect for a morning strain, one that could get you up, aware, and concentrated. If you’re someone who works in a creative industry, Green Crack will definitely inspire the mind to complete those often tiresome tasks that you might need a little energy boost of motivation for. When you feel sleepy when you get off the clock, go back to the Green Crack to take you home and you can do anything until the evening without dropping.

Final Thoughts

Every of these best Sativa strains is so special.  It was hard to leave some of your favorites out of this Sativa strain list, too, but we believe you could see why we make each pick. When you consider each one of the top Sativa strains, evaluate their advantages, strengths, and characteristics against precisely what you’re looking for.

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