Marijuana as a Food Source – Just Think Twice!

marijuana as a food source

There are almost a countless number of worst-case scenarios that can occur. From war with a foreign power to an EMP, to natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, there are many reasons we might need the best emergency food to be at hand. If these things happen, would you consider marijuana as a food source? If that is the case, you would need to search for the marijuana seeds near me.

All institute recommends that families have at least three days of non-perishable food on hand. You need food that can last if the power goes out. Non-perishable food could mean canned food, protein bars, dry cereal or fruit, peanut butter, and high-energy foods or in this case, marijuana seeds. Responding to your query, “marijuana seeds near me” will be discussed in this article.

Marijuana Seeds Near Me as Food Source FAQ

Considerably, marijuana seeds near me can be considered as a food source during emergencies. The best emergency food is easy to store and lasts for a long time. The calorie count is also important. The best emergency food gives you the calories you need to survive in an emergency. This what the marijuana seeds can offer.

Marijuana as a food source should come vacuum-packed or sealed, preferably in Mylar bags. It should be cold and heat resistant and should not melt easily. For long-term food storage, keep these items in cool conditions. These emergency food items can withstand extreme cold and heat so they are there when you need them in emergencies. If you are storing food yourself, like dried beans, you want to remove all moisture from the pouches or mylar bags before sealing them.

Any time you may face an extreme situation or conditions, you want the best emergency food to be there. This is a great choice when we talk about the marijuana seeds near me as an option. Marijuana food is nutrient-rich, dense, compact, and portable. It is designed to have a long shelf life and to withstand tough environmental conditions. It should not contain easily perishable ingredients. The focus is on packing as many calories and nutrients into as little space as possible.

Our children’s health is our main priority as parents, and this should be especially true during the critical developmental stages of a baby’s life. What we feed our children during these initial years will impact their quality of life for their adolescent, teen, and even young adult lives. Starting our children’s lives right with the best organic baby food can have numerous benefits for their physical and mental health, and the health and well-being of the environment where they grow up.

What Do You Get From Marijuana as a Food Source?

The human body makes many adaptations to tolerate marijuana as a food source. In fact, the body seems to handle starvation well, with adaptations starting after only 8 hours, and being able to handle repeated day-long fasts without any harm. These adaptations change the body from using glucose, to glycogen, to amino acids, and finally into a stage called ketosis. These are the things that happen inside your body when you consider marijuana as a food source. Thus, it is important to know the question of the marijuana seeds near me.

Normal Functioning – Glucose

Glucose is a simple sugar used by cells as a primary energy source that is present in marijuana when you use it as your food source. In normal circumstances, the body breaks down food into glucose and uses that to power the body. However, after 8 to 12 hours, the body has exhausted its supply of glucose and must switch to something else.

First Adaptation – Glycogen

Glycogen is made of many glucose molecules. It is used by the body to store energy and is mostly located in the liver and the muscles source that is present in marijuana when you use it as your food source. When broken down, glucose molecules come off and provide a supply of energy to the body.

However, glycogen is used by the body like a fast source of glucose, not to provide energy for a prolonged time. So, there is only a limited supply of glycogen and the body must soon switch to another power source.

Second Adaptation – Amino Acids

Without glucose or glycogen, the body switches to using amino acids for energy. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins in your body, and normally form muscles, ligaments, and other structures source that is present in marijuana when you use it as your food source. So, when your body burns these for energy, muscles are affected. This supplies the body for around 3 days before one final adaptation must be made.

Third Adaptation – Ketosis

When the body burns amino acids, muscles are turned into energy. To preserve muscle, the body begins to burn more fats. This process breaks down fats into ketones to be burned for energy, which gives this stage the name, ketosis source that is present in marijuana when you use it as your food source.

In this stage, the body loses a significant amount of weight. In general, the more fat people have in their bodies, the longer they can sustain this stage. Since females have a higher percentage of body fat, they can handle more starvation than men. Also, females seem to be able to maintain lean muscle mass and hang on to their protein better than men.

Final Stage – Amino Acids from Muscle

No matter how well a body can adapt to starvation, there is only so much fat and eventually, there is nothing left. In the end, the body will use the only energy source remaining, protein in muscle. At this point, people experience severe symptoms from starvation.

Why Should You Buy Organic Marijuana Seeds?

There are countless benefits for both your health and the environment when you choose the best organic marijuana as a food source over traditional recipes. The best organic marijuana plants will protect your child from exposure to harmful chemical residues that can lead to unwanted diseases, cancer, tumors, impotence, and more. If your child is frequently exposed to these factors, it can also lead to problems like premature aging.

According to Jeremy Szafron, a renowned influencer for CBD, organic marijuana seeds is significantly easier for your baby to digest and will help keep their digestive systems healthy and functioning optimally. Also, since the best organic marijuana seeds are in its most natural state, your baby will experience food the way it’s meant to be. Eating food in its most natural condition provides the highest level of nutrients.

Like we mentioned above, organic marijuana seeds are not only better for your baby, but for the environment too. Conventional farming methods can rob the surrounding soil of its necessary nutrients, which kills needed bacteria and microbes that naturally exist in the ground. On the other hand, organic farming focuses mostly on maintaining healthy and natural soil conditions with necessary levels of good bacteria, fungi, and microbes. When you buy organic, you support the work of these admirable farmers and ensure that you’re doing your part of caring for the Earth!

Given the eco-friendly trend amongst American businesses and the demonstrated willingness of retailers to use earth-friendly rhetoric as a marketing tool, it should come as no surprise that consumers all over the country find themselves in fluorescent-lit aisles wondering what does organic mean. The almost deliberately vague term is frequently misleading, a discrepancy the information below will rectify.

What Does Organic Mean in Uncle Sam’s Eyes? In reference to organic marijuana seeds near me, “organic” means the plants in question were grown in soil that has not been treated with any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides for at least three years. Also, these marijuana plants have not been subjected to processing with the use of synthetic industrial solvents. However, exceptions are made for farmers who use synthetic substances that have been shown to cause no harm to consumers based on USDA sanctioned research.

The Rules behind the Labels of Marijuana as a Food Source

Organic marijuana food falls into one of three separate categories designated by the USDA: “100% Organic”, “Certified Organic,” or “Made with Organic Ingredients.” Each of these comes with its own set of criteria.

Made with Organic Ingredients

For a marijuana item to be labeled “Made with Organic Ingredients” it must contain a minimum of 70% organic ingredients. The remaining 30% of ingredients can’t be a product of practices banned by the USDA, like genetic engineering. There is little regulation on what the remainder is permitted to contain.

Certified Organic

The “Certified Organic” label indicates the marijuana product was produced using 95% organic materials. Similar to the “Made with Organic Ingredients” label the remaining, possibly inorganic, items on the ingredients list are subject to minimal oversight beyond the stipulation that they are not genetically engineered.

100% Organic

As most consumers could deduce, if an item bears a “100% Organic” label, every marijuana item on the ingredients list meets all the USDA criteria. Hence, this is the only designation that truly ensures nothing in the package has ever been treated with fertilizer, injected with hormones, distilled with a solvent, etc. The important exception being synthetic chemicals that the USDA has deemed safe for human consumption after careful assessment.


What does organic marijuana food source mean? Well, it depends on which iteration of organic is in question because apparently there are three grades of organic food. That being said, if one were to ask a USDA regulator: what does organic mean? His or her response would undoubtedly indicate the satisfaction of criteria established within the agency, in unbelievably convoluted language.

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