Maximize the production of your free cannabis seeds in the grow room

Of course you want to maximize the production of that sticky sweet bud in your grow room, so you need to set things up properly so that you will be rolling in the budlicious bounty come harvest time. Given the proper incentives and space, you can get bud to pop out of your marijuana girls at every single node and interstice, instead of just budding at  the top one quarter to one half of the plant. How do you do that you ask?  Let’s discuss that.

Start with Mega wattage in the grow room

how to get marijuana seeds

We have had this discussion before, but we are going to have it again. I you start out with a whole lot of watts, things will fall into place. You want to create a grow room atmosphere drenched in light, and even more light. Your free marijuana seeds and the ones you paid for need that light to live up to their full potential, it is your job to give them that amount of light, and then some. If you feel that getting the correct amount of lumens flooding the grow room might be a difficulty financially, wait until you have the money to buy as many lights as you need. Don’t rush this process, you will end up frustrated and lacking the essentials in the marijuana growing process. Another thing you can do is to start VERY small, as in a tiny closet of small. That way, you can get away with using just one HID, and still be pumping out the lumens. 

Use your reflective materials to the best advantage in the grow room

Do not hesitate to paint the floor of your grow room with a very bright white, flat paint. Remember that the more aluminum oxide added to paint, the better it is. Hang your reflective material form the top of the grow room wall to the floor, you are trying to create a shield of reflected light throughout the area, in order to maximize the production of your marijuana plants. Creating this kind of diffuse refractive bounce in your marijuana grows will encourage your plants to bud from every spot available, from the top of the stem to the bottom of the stem when flowering time comes. You just about can’t do more to maximize your indoor marijuana grow than the above listed things, so get busy!

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