Of seed caps, sprouts, and strength in the marijuana grow room

So your little babies have sprouted congratulations. One of the things you will notice is that the seed cap seems to be affixed to their heads in a rather tight fashion. Most of your plants will eventually shake this seed cap off; some will not be able to do it unaided. I advise extreme caution in the removal of a seed cap, and if you can avoid it, don’t do it at all. Here’s the thing, it is essential that the seed cap get shaken off by the plant, but the damage you can do to the plant is assisting can be terminal. Terminal damage that is. One way to approach the issue is to wait and see what happens. I have seen sprouts carry a seed cap for 2 weeks, and then shake it off. I have seen sprouts that couldn’t shake off a seed cap, and died because of it. I have also seen plants that could not shake off the seed cap, but thrived anyway. I have also assisted plants in shaking off the seed cap, some thrived, and some never did. Sometimes I think that the inability to shake off the seed cap may be an indicator that there is something wrong with the plant in the first place, but I would never posit that as a hypothesis, I do not have enough empirical evidence. If you are considering pulling a seed cap off, let me make a series of suggestions. Wait until such time as the seedling has been able to establish some roots. This may take about 2 to 5 days, but do it anyway. After a good amount of time, go ahead and try GENTLY, with tweezers to grab a loose end of the seed cap and gently pull it. If the thing does not pop off immediately, LEAVE IT! Do not just pull harder, you will rip the seed cap and the top of your plant right off. Wait a few days, and then try again. Maybe you can get part of the seed cap off, maybe you can get all of it off, but the important thing is to not rush this process. If that seed cap does not want to come off, it isn’t coming off; maybe you can do damage control by removing just portions of it.  Whatever the case may be, be gentle during this process.

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