Why Organic Nutrients are Best for my free Marijuana Seed Grow

organic marijuana nutrients

Here is a very basic fact in the grow room: whatever you put into the soil, or substrate, or Rockwool that you are growing your free marijuana seed grow in will come out in the bud that you are aiming to achieve. Any pesticide you use will also come out in the marijuana flowers. Hopefully, you and a lot of others will not eventually smoke those. Be careful here. You definitely do NOT want to be using products that are predominantly manufactured in a lab; not for your soils, not for your nutrients, and not for your sprays.

I know that many of the synthetic based products out there claim they will not harm your grow, but think about the long-term effects of using a toxically created and lab- chemical- enhanced product will have on your bud. You smoke this stuff, and it remains in your lungs for a significant amount of time after you have smoked it, doesn’t that make you want to use only the naturally occurring and organically manufactured products for your ganja plants?

Using products like Scott’s fertilizers will make your free marijuana seed grow a harsh one.

When I first started out I did use both Scott’s, and Miracle Grow. It was a mistake then, and I did it out of a lack of knowledge, and a lack of experience. My production was good, but the smoke was not.  My end product was a harsh smoking bud, when I used Scott’s fertilizers, I couldn’t smoke my bud without getting a nasty headache. That scared me off of the non-organic nutrients for good. I sat back and did some research before I even attempted another grow, I felt like I had to be responsible for bringing a better smoking product to the table; therefore, I needed to do some homework.

My research has had excellent results, with a gain in production of over 18%. No longer does my bud smoke harshly, nor does it cause headaches, which is a good thing.  I am in the medical marijuana business now, and that is important.  I do not want my patients suffering coughing and headaches because I do not know how to improve my free marijuana seed to grow or create the best bud I can. Trial and error is a good teacher, it certainly taught me well.

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