Cannabusiness: Online Marijuana Seeds Business

Sure, you smoked weed a lot when you were in high school, and a little bit while you were in college, and maybe even smoke it occasionally to this day, but life being what it is, you neither seem to have the time, or the funds to get high. Come to think of it, life has become a real stress rollercoaster, what with kids, a husband or a wife, a full time professional job, and way too much month at the end of the money. You have thought that maybe you wanted to stare a small online company (like a marijuana seed company), outsource some professional work, etc., but again, the time factor is crippling. Why don’t you give a thought to the business of medical marijuana, one aspect of the cannabusiness that is growing in leaps and bounds, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Start small, as a medical marijuana patient

You can start out as a patient in the medical marijuana field, you are allowed to grow a small amount of marijuana, and possess a certain amount of ounces of the medical marijuana, and you are allowed to sell or “donate” as much of it as you like. The donate structure works pretty much like this, you set a specific donation price, and the purchaser donates that money toward the acquiring of your bud. Smoking medical marijuana, or atomizing it is an excellent way to relieve stress, and the money that can be made selling it is phenomenal. You can take online classes in the cultivation of marijuana, or there are several schools around the country where you can take classes at an actual campus, the classes are usually from two to three weeks long. The amount of knowledge and acquired wisdom one can receive from a class, whether online or on a physical campus is incalculable, do yourself a favor and take a few.

Start small, as medical marijuana grower

When you feel ready for your first medical marijuana grow, remember to start out small, maybe ten plants. That way, if all hell breaks loose, and your cannabis grow fails, at least you won’t be upside down in the money you invested in it. If at first you do not succeed, try again. You will get this skill, and you will become very good at it. It is worth taking the time to get it right.

What is legal bud, or mail order marijuana, and can I buy it online

Online is just about the only place you can buy legal bud, unless you have a very brave owner of a tobacco store who is willing to stock the stuff. No, it is not illegal, because it is not marijuana, therefore possessing none of chemical attributes of marijuana like THC, but a tobacconist can still get harassed for having the stuff.  So yes, it is available online, as a matter of fact, that is the most likely place you will find the stuff. It is safer for everyone involved to buy it online.   Legal weed is a bit of a complete contradiction in terms, but the point is that they are trying to provide a substance that will impart to the smoker some of the same characteristics as weed, and some of the same effects, but without the stiff legal penalties associated with marijuana bud. So, the contradiction in terms.

But what exactly is legal bud?

Legal bud is a material you smoke that is derived from natural plants and or herbal products that have been in use in particular parts of the world for their medicating and soothing properties for many millennia. Some of the products, such as valerian have recorded text attributed to the use of the herb in healing that go as far back as ancient Egypt. Most of the herbs used in “legal bud” concoctions cane be either smoked or made into a tea, although I highly recommend smoking them. That is what they are designed for.  The effects of legal bud are varied, and they often come in different blends designed to appeal to different effects that the purchaser may be looking for. Some of the legal bud sites will offer a sampler pack in order for the purchaser to get a chance to test out all of the different blends.

Can I smoke legal weed in public?

The legal bud looks, smells, and quite often tastes and smokes in a very similar fashion to weed, so I would be careful smoking it in public. Not that I think you will be busted, but be careful. There are so many people in this world, who would love to turn you in for smoking a legal substance, and the cops would have to believe that what you were smoking was legal, and that may take more time than you are willing to give. Just be careful is all that I ask you, even though it is legal, I don’t want you to have to go to jail for any length of time in order to prove your point

What is it with mail order marijuana?

If you’ve heard the term mail order marijuana, or mail order bud, please don’t be misled. This is not truly marijuana, it is a cocktail of a series of other plants that may, or may not have the same effects as marijuana, in varying degrees. If you want to try some, please do, it is definitely legal, and is usually rather inexpensive in comparison to marijuana.  I know people who have tried it and enjoyed it, but realize that it is not marijuana. Mail order marijuana is a specific reference to a blend of herbs that has the same, or similar effects as true marijuana , in all its’ THC -loaded glory has. The herbs vary, but are often a mix of valerian, some hops, damiana, and or kava-kava. It is quite often a milder smoke that true marijuana bud and the effects can be both palliative and soothing, with varying degrees of intensity, depending on the individual user.

Mail order marijuana (or Legal Bud) is sold mostly online

Despite the fact that it is legal, most tobacco shops don’t want to carry it because of the hassles they might receive from the police. Our best bet for mail order marijuana is to go online and order the product, and then have it shipped to your door. These legal and natural herbs can offer stress relief, pain relief, nerve soothing, and in some instances they can enhance sexual experience, if that is your desire. The online companies offer different mixes and blends of these legal bud potions designed to address specific needs the consumer may have. Do some price comparing and shopping around, the prices are competitive, and the legal bud market is quite competitive, due to the increasing popularity of the product.

A general warning about legal bud, or mail order marijuana

While it is a lovely alternative to the real thing, be cautious about the blends that you purchase. Some of the ingredients may be ones that will show up on a drug test, including any herb that has a mix of plants that are members of the marijuana family, or if your herbal blend has any kind of poppy in it. Poppy seeds off of a bagel can test positive for heroin, so don’t take this too lightly. Just because a drug test is not showing a positive for THC does not mean you are off the hook. Read the labels people.

Can I buy Weed online?

The answer to this question depends on your definition of weed. If you want to buy the genetic material or the marijuana seed that produces weed online, you most certainly can. They will take your money, (credit cards pretty much and nothing else) wrap up your package in a sturdy and anonymous fashion, and ship it straight to your door, happily. But being able to purchase marijuana flower, or bud online? I don’t think so. At least not in this country. There are a multitude of bud substitutes out there that you can buy online without any fear of reprisal from the police, but they are not true 100% marijuana bud, so they are not really weed.

What exactly is marijuana bud substitute?

There are a multitude of herbs out there, that when smoked or ingested orally can provide a soothing and calming effect, or a more up and energetic effect. There is no herb that can genuinely give you the effects that marijuana does, but there are herbs that come close. When dried and chopped, then smoked or turned into team they can be enjoyable. The majority of these herbs are kava-kava, damiana, wild dagget, valerian, and other herbal plants. The benefits and palliative tendencies of these plants have been common knowledge in certain parts of the world for millennia, just as the benefits and medicinal qualities of the marijuana have been common knowledge for millennia. They are still used to this day for the stress relieving and disease abating qualities, but also, they are not marijuana. So yes, you can get the bud substitutes online, but if you come across someone or some place that is advertising marijuana buds online, I guarantee you, it is a scam. They will happily take your money and sell you oregano. Con artists need fools and unwise people to scam, do not be that person.

Legal bud is just that, legal bud from some kind of plant, but not marijuana.

“Legal bud” is definitely the bud of some, or a few plants that has no marijuana in it. It may have some of the same effects as marijuana, but there is no THC in it, otherwise it would not be legal. You can buy it all you want, you might even enjoy smoking it, but I promise you it is not marijuana bud, hence the fact that it is legal.

Buy Marijuana Online? Really?

Yes really, sort of. No, you cannot buy marijuana online, not in its bud form. If anyone online offers you that choice at this point, take yourself and your money and run, do not walk, to the nearest exit. But you can certainly buy the seeds or genetics (or gennies in pot grower parlance; not to be confused with generators, which some pot growers also use) that one uses in order to create the marijuana flower, or bud. There are sites that sell a marijuana substitute, it comes with different names, like Hawaiian Herbal Hydroponic bud, and I have never tried any of them, so I know nothing about them. Maybe if you have tried some of the substitutes, you can let me know what they are like. But as for buying marijuana, cannabis, or pot bud online, the answer is no, you can’t buy pot online. But you can certainly buy the seeds.

What about medical marijuana online?

You can certainly place an order for medical marijuana online, provided you have the proper and demonstrable license and registration information, and the medical marijuana dispenser or provider is able to verify your information. They cannot however, drop it in the mail for you, you have to arrange to pick it up, or arrange to have the bud delivered to you. So yes, through a medical marijuana site you can pick and choose, and place an order, based on certain legal criteria that need to be met, but it has to be picked up by the medical marijuana card holder, or delivered by the company to the medical marijuana card holder, and no one else.

Don’t waste your time trying to buy bud online, rather buy some marijuana seeds and get growing.

So the answer in a nutshell is no, you cannot buy marijuana bud or flower online, but yes, you can order marijuana seeds online, (and hopefully get a bunch of free pot seeds in the purchase). So if you just have to have the sticky green, whether for medical reasons or not, get busy and build a grow room, then get those seed rolling. You will certainly appreciate the bud more if you were the one who grew it. If someone online is offering the real thing (not an herbal replacement) for sale, it would be best if you did not send anyone like that your money, it is a scam from the get go.