Premium Medical Marijuana Delivery in Canada: What You Need to Know

marijuana delivery in canada

If you’re currently using medical cannabis then you might be pleased to know that you could now have marijuana delivery in Canada from the nearest dispensaries in your place. Now that it’s legal to use, grow, and buy cannabis in Canada, locals could now enjoy happier and better lives especially if they’re suffering from various medical conditions. Keep reading if you want to learn more about recreational marijuana delivery in Canada and if it is marijuana delivery allowed in Canada?

What you need to know when buying medical cannabis in Canada

Marijuana delivery in Canada is only available for online shipments through a Licensed Producer. The following directories only focuses on the adult-use or recreational marker in which each province in Canada is responsible for regulating shipment services. Delivery marijuana in Canada legally but there are shipping options and fee, regardless of which province you order marijuana in, all delivery providers would require an ID or a signature at the door to show proof that the receiver is at legal age.

What is the minimum age of cannabis use

For a person who wants to obtain delivery marijuana in Canada in all provinces, you must be at least 19 years or older to buy and use cannabis. You must also be 19 years or older to grow cannabis. This is the same age as the minimum age for sale and use of tobacco and alcohol.

How is premium medical marijuana purchased and delivered in Canada

With the new cannabis law in Canada, illegal cannabis sellers are now prohibited from selling to customers. There is now only one way to buy legal cannabis that this is through stores or delivery marijuana in Canada legally that are regulated by the government. These local seedbanks may also have corresponding online seedbanks where customers can purchase legal cannabis online.

Delivery marijuana in Canada, when you order cannabis online, your orders will be delivered with care to your home or delivery address using Canada Post. You must be at home or at your delivery address when the package comes to receive it. However, if you are unavailable, you may designate another person to receive the package for you. Your representative should be at least 19 years of age or above to accept delivery. And if you or your representative misses a delivery, this will not be left on the door. You need to claim it to the nearest post office or Canada Post office instead. You or your representative should present identification or an ID as proof of your identity and age.

How much cannabis you can purchase

Another question that most cannabis users ask is how much cannabis you can purchase from an actual seed bank or online seed bank. According to the new regulations, you will be able to purchase up to 30 grams of dried recreational cannabis for personal use. You are also allowed to carry this much cannabis on you or on your possession in public. There are no specific rules regarding the possession of cannabis concentrates, oils, edibles, and other cannabis products.

In Ontario, there are plans to create a regulated private retail model to sell cannabis safely and securely in the province. Reports say that this will be opened by April 1, 2019. These will also be regulated by the province to reduce illegal market sales.

Other rules on cannabis use

Where will you be able to use cannabis?

Different provinces in Canada have new rules where to consume and enjoy cannabis so it’s important to find this out before you even light up a joint. In all provinces, these laws should be followed strictly because there are corresponding harsh fines for people who violate the law.

In Ontario for instance, the best place to consume cannabis without anyone following any rule is inside your home or private residence. This is not restricted inside your home but also includes the outdoor space of your homes like a backyard or porch. If you live in a condominium or apartment building, you can consume weed from your unit and also on your balcony. But if your landlord or building manager has rules against cannabis use then you don’t have any choice but to follow. These rules may be included in your lease agreement. Also using cannabis in a public area as well as inside a moving or parked motorized vehicle is not allowed.

These cannabis consumption rules will be imposed in order to protect people, especially children from the dangerous effects of second-hand cannabis smoke. These rules are also in effect to protect the youth from being exposed to marijuana. A $1,000 fine is imposed for the first offense and $5,000 for subsequent offenses made.

Using cannabis at work

There are some people who enjoy cannabis so much that they would often take their smokes to the work. This is also a common thing for people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Marijuana can make you feel relaxed, positive, and creative. But consuming cannabis is illegal in the workplace even after the new regulations on cannabis have been passed.

Employers and managers should understand how medicinal cannabis is used and at the same time address workplace hazards using the Occupational Health and Safety Act or OHSA. Employers and managers have a duty to create a safe workplace no matter what industry they are in. Employees and workers should also be responsible for maintaining work safely and report any hazards to their bosses. If you use medical cannabis then you must properly inform your manager about it.

Driving and cannabis use

Cannabis use is safer than alcohol use but despite this, you are not allowed to use cannabis and drive in Canada. Cannabis has the ability to slow down your reaction time and may also affect your judgment against any kind of situation on the road.

There are strict fines for people driving under the influence of marijuana. The most common fine for this case is a suspension of license as well as other penalties like financial penalties, vehicle impoundment, possible criminal record, and also potential jail time.

To find out if you are under the influence of marijuana and other drugs, you may be subjected to a drug test by the police at the roadside. This is a hassle if you are headed to work or to any event. At the moment, there are no immediate drug testing tools or equipment yet to do this but reports say that there is already one under development. This roadside drug test will hopefully assist police to implement the law and make roads safer.

You are not allowed to consume cannabis if you are driving. This applies to people who are 21 years or under with a G1, G2, M1 or M2 license, operating a road-building machine or a vehicle that needs an F driver’s license or Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration or CVOR.

Keeping your cannabis seeds deliveries safe

Keep your marijuana delivery in Canada safe starting with using stealth delivery options. Stealth delivery is simply a better and safer way to deliver cannabis seeds and to avoid being intercepted by authorities. The most common stealth delivery method is to use an unmarked package to send your purchases. The seeds are placed in a waterproof container and wrapped in ordinary package wrapping paper. There are no tags, stickers, or any company logo on the box or package to protect your identity.

The only way to send the package to you is information left to the courier. As always, if a package is not left at the doorstep if there is no one to receive it. If you are unable to receive the package, you must designate someone to receive it for you.

Another stealth option is to place the seeds inside special containers that would look like it is a gift. For instance, the seeds may be placed inside a lamp, inside a computer mouse or inside a picture frame. You wouldn’t know where the seeds are too unless you open the package and take a look inside the thing where the seed was placed.

Another way to keep your deliveries safe is to use a special delivery or courier to ship your seeds. Look for this option when shopping for the best cannabis seed bank site. When a special courier service is used, a tracking number is usually provided so you can track your packages well.

When tracking your packages, make sure that you have the correct number to use. Visit the official website of the courier company and locate the page where you can input the tracking number. Usually, you can check the status of your delivery on the same day it was shipped. Companies usually ship daily at the end of the day.

Finally, you must remember that premium medical marijuana seeds should only be purchased from reliable dispensaries online or offline. Medical cannabis seeds should be contained in a packaging that has information about the strain, how many seeds are inside the container, the date the seeds were harvested, and the name of the grower. If you don’t have this information on the packaging then do not purchase these at all. Premium medical marijuana delivered to you should be well protected from the elements too so the most effective packaging is a foil-type packaging. This will maintain the quality of your seeds for a long time.

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