Properties and Effects of Pure Indica


There are several hybrids available everywhere wherein their genetic makeups lean towards being an indica. These hybrids are calls indica-dominant strains. But their effects may differ depending on what parent strains are being used. Sativa strains, and sometimes ruderalis strains, can influence and balance the entire effects that hybrids can offer. 

Cannabis indica in a pure form is different. It may not need to undergo backcrossing anymore even though it may have evolved. Pure indica can either be an ancient landrace strain that grows in a natural environment or a 100% indica hybrid from pure indica parentage. 

However, finding pure indica strains nowadays is quite hard. With the existence of hybrids between different varieties (including sativa and ruderalis), pure landrace indica has become rare over time. It is also because more people prefer them hybrids over pure landrace strains. 


Central Asia is the original home of all landraces. Some pure strains found elsewhere had slowly evolved to adapt to new environments. Nowadays, it becomes unlikely to find the original indigenous strains of the purest indica. Landrace strains may have variations on their genetic makeups depending on the location. Most strains that are considered landraces get names either after their native geographic origin or after their adopted region. 

For example, a Hindu Kush is a landrace pure indica strain that originated in the mountains of Hindu Kush, in the borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan. There is also a strain named Afghani that is native to Afghanistan – the land where the original cannabis varieties have come from. 

In addition, a legendary indica strain named Mazar I Sharif can also be traced back to the northern parts of Afghanistan. Even if this strain is already a descendant of Afghani; this is still a pure indica variety. Meaning, its genealogy is made up of purely 100% indica. 

Another 100% pure indica strain is from the province of Pakistan named Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We call this strain as Pakistan Chitral Kush. Several other hybrid strains bear the genes of PCK as importation started to flourish to Spain in the 90s. 


Usually, cannabis indica strains are recommended for people with sleep disorders such as insomnia. It is because indica strains are highly sedating and relaxing. It can even immobilize consumers on the entire duration especially if overindulged. This is known as the couch-lock effect. This is the sensation where you feel extremely lazy. That is the reason why indica strains are considered best to use during nighttimes or before bedtime. You can still use it at any time of the day as long as it is a lazy day for you. 

Another effect it produces is its ability as a muscle relaxant and its anti-inflammatory properties that lead to alleviating chronic pain. If you have muscle pain and discomfort, you can find indica strains a helpful medication. 

Another one is its euphoric ability. You will find yourself giggly. Bouts of laughter are inevitable even on the most nonsensical things. It just keeps you peacefully at bliss with everything. No wonder it is a perfect therapy to combat mood disorders such as stress, depression, and sometimes even PTSD. 

Moreover, you may have heard or seen on movies how pot-smoking makes people hungry. This is because indica strains may increase one’s appetite making it a perfect remedy to people with eating disorders. It is recommended for people with anorexia to try one. It is even worth a try for people struggling with bulimia nervosa because of its anti-emetic ability. 

In some cases, it may also be a consideration to treat eye pressure and other eye-related problems like glaucoma. It is because the THC compound found on the resins of the cannabis has the effect of lowering the blood pressure. When this happens, it dilates the ocular capillaries causing an increase in blood flow to the eyes. This is the similar effect that relieves glaucoma in patients. 


The classic telltale sign that someone is smoking pot is the bloodshot reddening of the eyes. This happens just as it has the effect of treating eye glaucoma. The intensity of the reddening varies though. People thought it is the smoke that irritates the eyes. But it is due to the high level of THC that is causing this. The variation happens depending on the quality of the strain used and the users THC tolerance. 

Furthermore, reddening of the eyes may entail itchiness and dehydration. This refers to the dryness sensation in the eyes including experiencing the dry cottonmouth sensation. But there is nothing to worry when this happens. The dry feeling can be prevented and redness may not intensify by staying hydrated during or after smoking. Another solution to this is keeping eye drops handy. There are formulations available at any local drugstore that does not just lubricates the eyes but also reduce redness. 

On the other hand, people who are susceptible to get paranoid and anxious may want to err on the side of caution. Although it may help calm down people with anxiety disorders, it may also worsen the condition when taken beyond a consumer’s capacity. Too much of anything is really not a good cause. Just stick to what you can handle and you won’t be having this problem. 


Generally, cannabis indica strains have the reputation of being pungent especially pure indica varieties. Unlike sativa whose terpene profile is strong that makes it have fruity flavors, most pure indica strains have an earthy and woody taste.  But it is a delicious flavor with notes of sweetness and sometimes a spicy undertone. 

The flavor can be complex, but overall, it is pleasurable to the senses. 


You know that it is marijuana, but you are not sure if it is an indica or a sativa. It is easy to spot the differences once you know its features. It is because sativa’s growth pattern is the opposite that of an indica. 

Cannabis indica plants are short. It is dense and bushy that buds and flowers tend to form a conical shape. Its leaves are wider and thicker that fan out while growing. The buds are darker in hues covered in thick resins and trichomes. Lastly, if it has a funky skunky smell, then definitely, it is an indica. 


It may appear as if the pure landrace varieties of indica have gone extinct. It is because people are now more conscious of the different hybrid strains available balancing the flavor and the effects of their preference. 

But if you come across a pure indica strain for growing, either using seeds or through cloning, here are some tips you should consider: 

  • It grows well indoors as it won’t get to grow on a staggering height. But you might want to install air filters and proper exhaust ventilation if you prefer it discreet. The smell is really strikingly strong and will diffuse to the entire house easily.
  • It takes an average period for the flowering phase to complete a cycle – around 7 to 8 weeks.

Cannabis is now at its forefront of the market when several countries and states have already declared it legal, or somehow prescriptive in nature. Social media plays a big role in marketing it making it easier to find local dispensaries that are available. Although most platforms do not actively allow advertisement of the product, social media influencers still have the voice to advocate for it. 

Some famous influencers like Jorge Cervantes an Author and Social Media Influencer use YouTube alongside authoring books to talk about cannabis cultivation.  

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