Quick discussions about heat in the cannabis grow room, and how to control it.

Okay, you are ready to start building the marijuana grow room; you have read all the books, studied all of the diagrams, priced all of the materials, and know that you have all of the tools you need in order to build this thing.  Have you thought about how you are going to get rid of excess heat at all?  Do you think you will be able to manage all the heat that can be generated in the grow room with a couple of fans and a few small vents? Think about this for just a second if you will,  if you take five 600 watt grow lamps placed in a an area of approximately 7 feet by 8 feet, how much heat do you think you are generating? Remember that a 600 watt pumps out about 90,000 lumens per lamp, and you have 5 of them in a small space operating at the same time. You are getting the picture I hope, that’s a whole lot of light and heat.

Excess heat in the Ganja grow room is a killer, literally

Do not assume that since your pot plants are of a tropical nature they can take that level of heat. They cannot. And only some marijuana strains are of a tropical nature, and no, they cannot handle too much heat either. There is heat, and there is too damn hot, you need to understand the difference pronto.  If your plants start drooping unexpectedly, and for no apparent reason, check you heat levels throughout the length of the light cycle. If you don’t have at least two thermostats in the grow room, you need to get them. There are sensors that can send a message or signal to your cell phone or computer as a warning when your thermostats record a critical heat reading.  If you are gone from the house a lot during the grow, (as in if you have a job) I recommend you get some a.s.a.p. If you think I am beating you over the head with this excess heat thing, you are right. I lost an entire grow to excessive heat issues while I was on a three day snowboarding expedition. I was new to the field, but I had ignored precautions an expert had given me repeatedly. I do not want you to make the same mistake.  It was a heart break, an eye opener, and an expensive lesson to learn, worst of all, I had no one to blame but myself.

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