Sativa is a Good Help for Studying: Is it Real?

sativa for studying

Different kinds of strains of marijuana have different benefits and effects. In this case, Sativa strains are great for a lot of purposes. And since marijuana use has become legal in a lot more states and countries, more people now have access to these benefits especially now that some stores and shops have the best Sativa seeds for sale.

In line with that, a lot of people use Sativa strains for different reasons. And one of the more shocking purposes is for studying. Yes, the cannabis plant that is popularly associated with the “lazy stoner” that does nothing but sit on a couch and laughing at mundane things can actually be used for studying and all other productive tasks. If you are wondering why that is so, it’s best for you to get to know more about Sativa strains.

What is a Sativa and what are their effects?

The Sativa strain of cannabis is one of the two main species of marijuana (the other being Indica). It is said to be the complete opposite of Indica in appearance, effects, and growth behavior.

In terms of appearance, Sativa plants tend to be much larger than your average plant. In fact, some strains can grow to up to four meters or over 13 feet in height. If you think about it, that is almost twice the height of some of the tallest basketball players on the planet. The Sativa’s leaves also appear to be thin and narrow and have a much lighter shade of green compared to Indicas.

The genetics of Sativa plants are native to humid and temperate places such as Thailand, Hawaii, South Africa, and South America. This is why these plants tend to need more sunlight to grow and are best suited for outdoor cultivation (although some breeders have developed Sativa strains that can grow well indoors).

When it comes to their effects, Sativa strains are the invigorating and energetic type of cannabis. They tend to induce a euphoric sensation that affects the mind in such a way that it stimulates it while uplifting the user’s mood to make him/her happier and jollier. It also tends to brighten up the user’s outlook.

In line with that, the cerebral or mental kind of high that Sativas induce tends to make users feel more focused, creative, and imaginative. Even the most mundane of tasks will become more interesting for the user. And when the strain is potent enough, it can even induce a psychoactive and trippy kind of high that causes sensory distortions.

Because of these effects, Sativas are called the daytime strains because of how they are best suited to be used in conjunction with daytime activities. This is why they are used as “wake and bake” buds that can immediately invigorate the user early in the morning much like how a cup of coffee does. They are also great for tasks that need mental focus. It is not uncommon for anyone under the influence of a Sativa to be more productive and creative when doing difficult mental tasks.

In relation to the “lazy stoner” reputation that cannabis is known for, Sativas are anything but the type of marijuana plants that induce that kind of a state. Instead, Indicas are the ones that tend to make users feel relaxed, lazy, and heavily sedated. Sativas are the complete opposite because of how they invigorate and provide energy instead of making the user feel “stoned”.

That invigorating quality is exactly why Sativas are used for productive activities such as work, exercising, hiking, socializing, leisure reading, and even for creative tasks. In fact, artist Fred Tomaselli believes that smoking Sativa pot has had its purposes whenever he was working in his art studio. And yes, if you piece together all of those tasks, you can assume that Sativas can also be good for studying.

Can Sativa aid you in studying?

When you picture a college or post-graduate student, you might tend to associate him/her with episodes of late-night cramming that are fueled by commercially sold caffeinated products such as energy drinks, energy shots, coffee, and even pre-workout supplements. All those products, while indeed helpful and effective, are sugary and full of artificial chemicals that may not work well for our bodies in the long run.

Instead of possibly suffering from the side-effects of those commercially sold sugary caffeinated drinks, you may want to bolster your cramming sessions with an organic stimulant that promises to be just as effective in helping you study.

It might not be a popular idea but there are some studies that show the effectiveness of Sativa strains in improving cognitive performance, which can aid anyone studying for a big test. In addition to that, it enhances focus while making the user more creative and imaginative in the process.

This is contrary to studies suggesting that cannabis can actually hinder brain development in children and possibly distort memories among adults. However, there were no mentions of which kind of strain tends to affect memory or whether it affects long-term memory, which is the kind of memory that is essential for students.

In fact, because cannabis boosts productivity, improves mental focus, promotes creativity, and uplifts the mood, it can play a role in aiding you when you are studying regardless of whether or not it can improve cognitive performance.

However, because some Sativa strains tend to be rich in THC, it can be difficult to study under a psychoactive trip. In that sense, using small quantities of Sativa marijuana is the best way to go if you do not have access to strains that are high in CBD and low in THC.

That said, there are a lot of reasons to believe that Sativa is a good help for studying due to how it stimulates the mental faculties while improving the mood and providing enough physical energy. And if you want to experience it yourself, you can go and order some of the best Sativa seeds for sale in your favorite local or online stores. After all, you have to actually try it out yourself for you to have a verdict on the matter.

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