8 Seed Banks That Can Ship to USA

seed banks that ship to usa

Both recreational and medical cannabis has now been legalized in many states in the United States. Growing your own marijuana is better than buying it from a dealer since you could control every step and aspects of it, from its aroma and flavor to even its appearance. Although, it is important to look for the seed bank that can ship to USA, and buying the cannabis seeds to grow your own is still illegal at any federal level and the seeds cannot be shipped or delivered across state lines. If you’re searching for the best seed bank that ship to the USA, you have come to the perfect place. There’s a lot of trustworthy cannabis seed bank that ship to the USA that would not only send the cannabis seeds to you in a discreet manner but would offer you extra guarantee and replacement in case your cannabis seeds get caught at the customs.

Here’s everything you must know in purchasing and searching for marijuana seed bank that ship to the USA and the best seed banks to find them at. 

Top 8 Best Seed Banks that Can Ships to the USA

Crop King Seeds has been in the market since the 2000s, they operated out of Canada and been through goods and bad in their selling cannabis seeds. They’re selling cannabis seeds from Vancouver, which is their head office. Crop King Seeds has also been conjoined with hundreds of other seed banks and also sells their cannabis seed at the showcase. They never gave up on their goal of giving the best-quality cannabis seed to their clients. A lot of people committed their loyalties to this company. You would find a large range of top-quality marijuana strains and seeds from this company. Crop King has developed over 30 kinds of strains, and most of these cannabis strains are very unique and special, and you won’t find it elsewhere in the market. You would get variants like Regular, Medical CBD, Feminized, and Autoflower. Also, some of these strains are well-known on their website are Blueberry, Purple Kush, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights, Green Crack, and Train Wreck. Whatever you want, they would have something special for you. Whatever you purchase from this seed bank, you’ll surely have only the top-quality products. Crop King offers an assurance germination rate of about 80% to their clients, and would really inspire you because it is unimaginable. They ship cannabis seeds to the USA and also all around the world. International orders are guaranteed delivered, and if not, well they would resend it again for free. The cannabis seeds are going to hide in stealth things like gifts. 

SunWest Genetics was in the market for over 10 years now and one of the seed bank that can ship to USA. They are also one of the companies that have 24/7 live chat, phone calls, and email customer service. They also have friendly customer service agents that would gladly assist and help you with your queries. They also breed their own strains and seeds. Also, their seeds are carefully hand-picked by their experts to ensure the freshness and viability of their seeds. And if you follow their germination guide your seeds will surely germinate. SunWest Genetics also donated funds to foundations and organizations whose goals are to promote cannabis legalization. They are occupied in supporting cannabis legalization around the world. And apart from improving their strains via breeding, they are also creative in the marijuana industry their Seed Tracker Technology is the first-ever in the marijuana industry.

Sonoma Seeds is one of the best seed bank that ship to the USA and a West Coast marijuana seed company offering the best marijuana seeds all around the world. Except from the USA they also ship globally and even offer free shipping with orders more than $300. They breed their own cannabis strains and their seeds are handpicked by the experts just to make sure they would give you the fresh and quality seed. They stand in the quality of the seeds and also provide different payment methods available for their customers conveniently like Money Transfer, Cash, Interac e-Transfer, Credit Card, and Bitcoin. And they also have one of the best customer service and their representatives are happy to assist you.

Rocket Seeds is one of the companies that have the widest range of cannabis seeds from famous Marijuana breeders all around the world. Rocket Seeds is one of the largest varieties of seeds online, with more than 3000 marijuana seeds to buy including high CBD medical, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular seed, and also potent high THC strain. They’re a one-stop marijuana seed bank with high standards as they choose cannabis seeds they personally love that their customers loved. They have high standards in picking cannabis seed companies, for them to enable them to offer seeds to everyone globally. They also keep you updated with their latest Medical cannabis news. 

MJ Seeds Canada started in 2009 and is a well-known cannabis seed bank that offers the best cannabis strain from some of the famous various types of cannabis plants all around the world. They are a cannabis seed bank that ship to the USA and around the world. In purchasing in MJ Seeds Canada rest assured that you get the best service and guaranteed shipping of your marijuana seeds that will surely reach you in just a few days. You can purchase affordable cannabis seeds from their massive selection of outdoors seeds, indoor seed, feminized seeds, and medical cannabis seed. Their seeds have a high germination rate at 90% and their affordable shipping fee makes them be the lowest around the world. They also offer special packs with cheap prices that are also shifting and they continue to offer new exciting marijuana plants available to buy every month. Whatever seeds you want MJ Seeds Canada has something special to offer you!

  •  I Love Growing Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana is operated and founded by Robert Bergman who’s a highly experienced cannabis grower, this company is also located in the Netherlands. He’s been growing and developing cannabis strain for a lot of years now. They offer reasonable and affordable prices, very top-quality cannabis seeds, and can ship to a lot of different countries. One of the best cannabis seed banks offers a massive range of cannabis seeds. Whatever you want, you would surely find something you will love in the best seed banks to buy cannabis seeds. They’re also selling cannabis value packs that have everything for you to begin your growing cannabis journey at home. There are various packs for starters and professionals also. They accept payments through credit cards, bitcoin, bank transfer, or cash. Thousands of individuals online have committed to their top-quality cannabis seeds. They would only send you the finest cannabis seeds. When you order your cannabis seeds online, they would deliver for free also, and when it comes to assurances, these guys are specialists. They would give you an assurance of the development of cannabis seeds. If your cannabis seeds don’t develop, then they would send another package of seeds for free. 

  • MSNL Seedbank

MSNL is also located in the Netherlands, and they also ship cannabis seeds all around the world. If you’re ordering cannabis to the USA, well then it would take about 25 days to get your cannabis seeds. Even though, people have said that most of them receive cannabis seeds in just 12 days. MSNL started selling cannabis seeds in 1999, and they have a lot of experience once it comes to germinating the best-quality seeds and strains. You can use different payment methods to pay them such as cash order, credit and debit card, bank transfer, or money order. They offer a service known as assurance stealth shipping. They artfully hide the cannabis seed inside an unlinked cannabis product and send it to you. Also, they have special/unique codes on every packet. This company has also won more awards for its cannabis genetics, and they provide to-quality cannabis seeds that are promised to be at top-class. Cannabis is developed and handled by the top experts in the company. You don’t have to panic about harmed seeds or any issues. The experienced inspector checks all the regular cannabis seeds manually prior to sending it to you. The cannabis seeds have a germination rate of around 90%. You could also get the regular, autoflower, and feminized seeds from MSNL. This company is the most trusted when we talk about cannabis seeds for sale online. 

  • Seed Supreme

This seed bank has a lot to offer from the majority of the most popular breeders all around the world. And they also offer their seeds at a very reasonable and affordable price. They’re located in Englas and began selling cannabis seeds in 2013. And since then they have been giving the world some of the best cannabis seeds ever made. The number of positive reviews and ratings of this seed bank is really amazing, people praise them, why should they not love the brand? They prove some of the top-quality marijuana seeds in the market. And if you visit their website, you’re going to get surprised by the amount of listed cannabis seed breeders and strain variants. Also one of the great things about SeedSupreme is that they have a quite nice loyalty voucher. In this voucher, you would earn their loyalty points which you could then use in your future purchase to get other stuff and discounts. Just like any other best seed banks, they would ensure that their delivery is provided with assurance.  If your order doesn’t reach you, they would happily send another one. They’re doing hard work in gathering these cannabis strains from over 100 cannabis breeders all around the world. Whatever you prefer, they will surely find it for you. And some of the newest cannabis strains they’re selling are Gorall Zkittles, White Widow, Somango, and Stick Zkittle glue. 


Some of these companies aren’t that widely known, but they’re still worth listing because they’ve been in the industry for quite some time now. This generally means that they have already known the ins and outs of the marijuana seed industry. They know how to manage, breed as well as provide valuable information about the quality and background of their goods. So, if you ever feel uncertain when you make a decision about which company to choose from, remember this list. It has all the necessary information that you are either shopping for marijuana online or in a store. Just be sure to notify their support team if you ever need more guarantee about their products and the way they are packed.

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