Some behaviors to avoid while growing marijuana in your home or garden

Here are some real basic do’s and don’ts when you are are having a grow in your house, or in your garden. One of the main things you want to avoid is having your neighbors and other types becoming suspicious of or just plain irritated with you. First things first, avoid loud parties. Loud and long parties are one of the worst things you can do when you have a grow or garden in your home, our outside in your garden. Neighbors tend to dislike loud and long parties intensely, and will often call the cops in response to one. The last things you want prowling around your house are the cops, for any reason.  If you live next to somebody who has long and loud parties at their house, move away before starting a grow. They too will attract cop attention, and even if it’s next door, it is still something you do not want. If you own a home in a loud, noisy, law-breaking neighborhood, re-think the grow. True Story, a friend of mine had his outdoor garden busted when a kid down the street committed a crime, then jumped the fence into my friend’s house in order to hide from the cops. Unfortunately, the pot garden was busted right along with the gangsta wanna-be. As much as I hate to say it, the criminal element is not good for anybody, at any time. If you own a home in a bad area, re-think the pot growing thing unless you are home 24/7, 365, and own a shotgun.

The criminal element and the marijuana grow

Not only will criminals and gangsta thugs cause problems by being idiots and having the cops constantly show up in your neighborhood, but if they get wind of your marijuana grow, you can pretty much consider it gone. As I said, unless you are home all the time, and have a shotgun, you cannot protect your grow from anyone, cops and criminals included. This is a fair warning, and meant to be taken as such. Even if you are home most of the time, but lave to go say, grocery shopping, you can lose a grow and all that goes with it, your lights, nutrients, the whole shebang. Crooks know the value of things, and will clean you out, if they can.

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