Some Things to Consider When You Do Stealth Marijuana Growing

stealth marijuana growing

Use the landscape to help camouflage your marijuana plants. Trees and other shrubs and plants are a great way to casually hide your short, but bushy plants. Try to select areas for your guerilla to grow that no one would think of scanning in the first place, one of the main reasons that the law might want to scan a certain area would be because an informant told them that marijuana was being grown that area. Rocks, overhanging branches, trees and shrubs or scrub, even tall grasses are very helpful.

A source of water for your cannabis grow is imperative.

Guerilla marijuana growing also needs to have a relatively close-by source of water. I have heard of people who hauled water all winter long in order to have the right amount stashed in a good location when spring rolled around. Although it may have seemed like a great deal of work because her selected location was so remote from any water source, no one ever thought to look there for a grow. I call that smart, it is the kind of thinking you should engage in if you want to start marijuana grow of the guerilla variant.

Practice stealth of all types in guerilla marijuana grow.

Be careful of any tracks or trails you may leave behind, and who or what might be able to see them. Always try to take a different walking or driving route to your stealth cannabis patch. Do not play radios or sing loudly, you are trying not to attract attention to your marijuana grow. Take your dog with you, she or he will be a great alarm system in case somebody is in the vicinity. If you do take your dog, make sure that she is being a quiet girl, and not barking incessantly at every squirrel or bird that passes by. Do not carry any growing paraphernalia on your person walking to or from the pot grow. Always wear gloves when you touch utensils or containers, and throw those gloves away as soon as you can, preferably not in your home trash can. Think of the entire guerilla grow as a big spy game, really, that is the kind of attention you have to pay to stealth and caution. You do not want to get busted on or near your marijuana grow in any way, but if you are accosted a mile away, there is nothing they can do to you if you have no growing apparatus or tools on you. Do not leave behind fingerprints or footprints!

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