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cannabis industry jobs

With the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis in a rising number of states, more cannabis industry jobs are popping in the legal marijuana industry. It is becoming a billion-dollar industry because many states and countries are rewriting their marijuana laws to put up recent studies and developments in the use of cannabis for medical purposes like treating chronic pain, a cure for the symptoms for some mental issues, and inflammation. And now many businesses are beginning to sell cannabis seeds, plants, and cannabis-related products to pack the demand. How can marijuana create jobs? Jobs in the cannabis industry can be separated into four various fields like cultivation, industry support, production, sales, and distribution. In this article, we will feature all the jobs in the cannabis industry or what we call weed jobs.

A Broad Scale of Job Types in Cannabis


Cannabis Cultivation

Obviously, it’ll all start with growing marijuana plants. In this industry, marijuana farmers make the world go round. Those with green hands are the talents needed to cultivate and nurture cannabis until it is developed enough to use. If you are interested in learning or knowledgeable in growing marijuana or have experience growing any other crops, you might feel at home in this area. Below are some of the famous jobs in the sector of marijuana cultivation. 

  • Cultivation Director

The cultivation director is the one jobs in the cannabis industry and the one who is in charge of ensuring the production of premium marijuana that is charged with federal and state laws. They are the leader in cannabis growing operations, making the harvesting schedules, planning how to control pests, setting the standard operating process, and lastly managing the team. The cultivation director’s main goal is to lead their team to generate or produce potent, healthy cannabis, so they could all get into cloud 9 without any roughness. Having experience in a greenhouse environment is a big advantage for this position. 

  • Master Grower

The key to a successful marijuana industry is healthy cannabis plants. The master grower is one of the cannabis industry jobs in charge of the growing operations, including crop nutrition, planting, and controlling pests, making sure the marijuana plants are safe. In addition, the master grower would connect with law enforcement and agreement inspectors to make sure that everything is running smoothly. 

  • Trimmer

These cannabis jobs are perfect for you if you’re not sure where to begin in the marijuana industry. This is the most usually entry-level position in cannabis farming and growing. It is one of the most famous careers in marijuana industry in California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. Trimmer has different tasks, including detaching the buds carefully from harvested cannabis plants, trimming the leaves, and drying the buds to get them ready to be sold. A good trimmer must be precise, quick, and enjoy gardening duties if running after the role. 


Lab and Extraction

After the cannabis plants have grown, harvested, and cut a piece of the cannabis plant is sold as a flower, and the remaining are sent off to the laboratory to generate marijuana extracts, including tincture and oils. Jobs in the weed industry is ideal for those who have a background in chemistry and science. Another part of this procedure that presents a k lot of job opportunities is testing labs. All marijuana should be tested for solvents, microorganisms, pesticides, and other possibly harmful chemicals at a state-licensed marijuana lab before it can be turned into oils or sold as flowers. Laboratory jobs include lab manager, product development, lab tech, director of the extraction, and tissue culture scientist. 

  • Lab Director

A lab director leads the post-harvest procedure, which includes performing a chemical analysis to identify the harvest time. They deceive a variety of responsibilities, including managing laboratory technicians and other members, ensuring their facility is legally charged, also as running QA or quality assurance and QC or quality control procedures. Laboratory directors maintain and operate management expertise and skills in equipment and vacuum ovens. Blending proven expertise in extraction techniques and management skills, this careers in marijuana is one of the most crucial marijuana jobs.

  • Quality Manager

The place of quality manager in the marijuana industry is all about inspecting product testing, ensuring the facility is following outstanding production practices. The quality manager is in charge of evaluating and approving marijuana testing and processing methods, also investigating any charges in regards to the quality of the cannabis. And if the quality is compromised, the quality manager should take action instantly to recognize and correct the mistakes in the procedure. They must also establish preventative measures to make sure marijuana is safe to be used. 

  • Concentrates Processor

If you want to become a concentrates processor, you will need to have skills in chemistry and intense attention to detail to produce a safe concentrates, which includes dabs and hash oil. Marijuana concentrates could have huge effects, making them very beneficial to medicinal marijuana patients, but they can be also used for recreational reasons. They are getting more famous every day, so more concentrated processor roles would like to appear. 


Cannabis Manufacturing

In this part of the marijuana industry, CBD and cannabis products are prepared and packaged for sale. A number of items are prepared and created for retail shops all around the world, including CBD tinctures, vapes, and gummies. Working in a marijuana manufacturing facility you will have to keep up with the rules and regulations, which sometimes change. If you are trying to enter this part of marijuana, experience in manufacturing for any industry is an advantage. 

  • VP of Manufacturing

As VP of the marijuana manufacturing facility, you will be in charge of making sure that project teams follow the standard timeframe. You should also be leading the project management of the items bought. In addition, it would be your responsibility to make sure that your staff meets health and safety standards every minute of the day. Depending on the project in which you live, you might also be helping with marketing and necessary for the design.

  • Facility Manager

Those that have a strong background in a company or business strategic planning would also feel suited to the role of manager of the marijuana facility. The person in the big chair for this role is committed to managing the product and stock team, ensuring they are on-the-spot and stick to the timetable. It means that wholesale consumers and retail customers get goods on time. If you experience handling budgets, operational activities, and planning, and control, it might be ideal to pursue a facility manager position in the marijuana industry.

  • Packagers

Packagers obviously are in charge of packaging marijuana or marijuana-infused products into bags, pre-rolled joints, containers, and a lot more. Usually, this is a daily position, and just like a trimming role a solid route to the marijuana market. Learn about other roles in the manufacturing process and work your way up from the packaging position once the time is right.

  • Edibles Chef

If you love cooking, the work of an edibles chef might become your dream career. This position needs a master of the kitchen to make delicious food products containing extracts of cannabis. You will need to learn how to infuse marijuana into a number of products, including baked treats, candy, soda, and tea. Attention to detail is of utmost importance because each form of food or beverage product would require a specific dosage.


There have been 33 states where marijuana is legal for adult or clinical use. So, of course, dispensaries are spreading all around the world. If you love helping people find the marijuana items they are searching for, and if you are excited about marketing strategies and promotions, working in the marijuana retail sector might be for you. From edibles to vapes, to pre-rolls, and a lot more, you are going to get a hand in connecting customers to a wide range of mind-elevating or pain-relieving marijuana or CBD products available today. Retail or customer service experience would give you an advantage.

  • VP of Retail

Any plan for the short-term or long-term goals of the retail company comes within the domain of the VP. Which include financial planning, annual revenue plans, enforcement, and growth. Retail VP is also responsible for managing profits and losses, as well as stocks. Those with a data-driven and technical mind can fill this role perfectly. Sales and management experience will increase the levels when you are considered to be business-minded.

  • General Manager

In the position of general manager, you will be responsible for overseeing all the activities of the dispensary, in addition to the management of the budding staff and other staff. As general manager of the cannabis dispensary, it is your responsibility to evaluate the business and develop concrete plans of action that produce results. Leadership skills are vital to this position, as you will also need to mentor and create employees at your dispensary, so you will have a high-performance team that could produce.

  • Budtenders

Playing off of the “bartender” job description, a budtender has to be a little more as a mixologist in your preferred establishment. Comprehensive knowledge of cannabis products is a must because you answer client questions and make suggestions each day. You would be the main source of sales for consumers throughout their stay at the dispensary. So, you must also analyze any allergies or problems that consumers might have had. If you have a solid experience in sales or customer service, you ‘re likely to get the green light for a budding position.

  • Courier and Delivery

A lot of dispensaries offer the service of delivery services, and there are also plenty of jobs in cannabis industry for delivery companies in the marijuana sector. The medicinal cannabis movement has made the role famous. Nevertheless, deliveries for leisure marijuana are becoming more popular, leading to more cannabis delivery jobs. Whether you are riding a bicycle or driving a car to consistently deliver marijuana, you must be considerate and polite. You will also have the ability to get tips in this strong part-time or contract role.


There’s a broad range of cannabis industry jobs, so take the time to make a wise choice. Look at your current cv and evaluate your skills to see which field of legal marijuana space fits well with your abilities. We believe that you can use your cannabis skills and passion to help the industry expand.

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