Start Your Career in Marijuana Industry – List of Jobs Perfectly Fits You!


Legal marijuana is becoming a bigger billion-dollar industry as more countries, states, and territories are rewriting their cannabis laws to accommodate recent developments in the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes such as for the treatment of chronic pain, inflammation, and cure for the symptoms of some psychological disorders. Many businesses are now starting to sell marijuana seeds, plants, and cannabis-derived products to fill the demand.

The marijuana profession could be separated in four different fields, cultivation, production, industry support, and sales and distribution. Salary rates are provided by trade schools according to projected or expected salary rates in US dollars which may or may not be accurate in your country, state, or territory.


  • Growers: Growers are the farmers of the marijuana industry. They are knowledgeable and experienced in different aspects of marijuana cultivation from the preparation of growing spaces which are both indoors or outdoors and the proper way of planting and growing every kind of marijuana plant they needed to grow to meet consumer demands. Master growers are so important that they have salary rates of $80k-$120k.
  • Harvesters or Budpickers: As the name suggests, they are responsible for the harvesting of the buds and they should be knowledgeable in which buds are good or bad for picking. Harvesters have a salary rate or $17k-$41k.
  • Quality control: Quality control people are overlooking each part of the cultivation process and are vigilant for any sign of disease, pests, or anything that shall negatively affect the harvest. Once the harvest has been done or is in progress, quality control or quality assurance people make sure that what was harvested will be of top-notch quality by testing their aroma, flavor, and others. Quality controllers may require a technical degree in chemistry, agriculture, and others and have a salary rate of $50k-$100k.


  • Extractor: Extractors are those responsible for the extraction and production of marijuana concentrates such as oil and wax which will require them to have some technical degrees in chemistry and engineering. They have a salary rate of $80k-$250k
  • Production Manager: Production managers run the factory of the facility that produces marijuana-based products. They must have a degree in industrial engineering or management and should have a deep knowledge of marijuana plants and products. They have a salary rate of $63k – $172k.
  • Edibles Chef: Marijuana-infused foods are getting popular nowadays as marijuana gets mixed with baked products and other healthy foods. Edibles chefs combine the best of both worlds by retaining the potency of marijuana in the food while maintaining the flavor of the food involved. They also design other things such as product presentation, shelf viability, and other factors relating to the productions, sales, and distribution of marijuana-infused food in the market. These job demands require that they have some culinary arts degree and good knowledge about food chemistry and manufacturing. They have a salary rate or $40k-$90k.
  • Pharmaceutical scientist: These people work for the big pharma who formulate drugs that are marijuana-based for different human ailments or applications. They may develop pill, ointments, and others while studying different aspects such as possible contraindications, allergic reactions, and they also help design the manufacturing process of the drugs they design. Their salary rate is usually confidential.
  • SEEDBANK MANAGER: Other than buds, you may also produce seeds for sale and you need a seed bank manager for that especially if you have different types of varieties of marijuana. They usually have the same salary range as production managers of $63k – $172k.


  • IT/Software Development/Web Development: Everything now is easier with automation, accounting spreadsheets, customer relationship management, task management, and others. And you may even want to have a website or social media site to go with your marijuana business. IT people know their way around computers and applications and to be one, they need to have a degree in a related field. IT personnel may have different salary rates but IR managers have a salary rate of about $85k-$208k.
  • Marketing: Every grower, dispensary, or seed bank will want people to hear about them and their services and so they hire marketers. Marketing directors have a salary rate of about $70k-$208k.
  • Legal/Paralegal: Cannabis laws nowadays are volatile and they may change with different reigning parties or politicians. You may even need to have a lawyer in settling disputes and a few paralegal papers to do some legal paperwork for you such as tax-paying, permits, and others. Lawyers have a salary rate of about $58k-$208k while a paralegal may get in between $31k-$95k.
  • Human resources: Human resources are responsible for hiring and maintaining an efficient workforce in the company. Human resource managers get between 467k-$201k.
    Accounting: Accountants monitor where your money is coming from and where it is going.
  • They can advise on the status of your company such as asset management, credits, and payment processing. They have a salary rate of $44k-$123k.
  • Media professionals/Writers/Media Producers/Graphic: These people could be hired casually and they may help you by making you a corporate profile video and other things for your website and promotional content for your social media sites. They are often paid by contract.


  • Dispensary manager: They manage the marijuana drugstores as some people call it and they are counterparts to the pharmacists in a regular drugstore. Dispensary managers overlook every bit of operations in the dispensary such as procurements, sales, and overall dispensary tasks and duties to be done by everyone under his or her management. They have a salary rate between $60k-$150k.
  • Courier: Couriers deliver your products to their intended recipients if the purchase was made online and arrangements were made. Your marijuana products may be delivered by motorcycle or a delivery car or van so having a driver’s license will be a requirement for these jobs unless you are delivering weed by driving a bicycle.
  • Cashiers: Cashiers manage the point of sales terminals in a dispensary and it is they who accept the payment of a customer and registers it in a cash register.
  • Budtender: Budtenders are the salesmen or saleswomen of the marijuana dispensary. They have extensive knowledge of their products and other products so that they are ready to answer any questions posed by customers.
  • Packaging staff: They perform the small but delicate task of packaging your product so that they remain fresh throughout their expected shelf life or live through the delivery process.
    Customer relations: Often they answer phone calls from friendly callers who have questions and from not so friendly consumers who want to complain. Just like budtenders, they should be knowledgeable about your products.


  • HAVE THE PROPER EDUCATION: Some of the professions that are related to marijuana will require some college degree or technical certification. Be sure to have one is you wish to work in any of the above-mentioned professions. Or if you have a technical certification or college degree, you may find for yourself a good-paying job for your qualification.
  • HAVE PROPER KNOWLEDGE: Read more, get more training and expose yourself to the industry so that you would have something to say in an interview or if you were given the chance to be on probation for a few months.
  • GET EXPERIENCE: You may have a friend who is a grower or is already working in the industry who may give you free apprenticeship for you to gain some experience or you may even land a job exactly where your friend is working.
  • BE PROFESSIONAL NOT A HIPPIE: Sometimes the saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover does not apply.” When you apply for a job, try to look presentable and respectable that will make your future possible employer feel like you are a competent and trustworthy person. Come to the job interview on time and presentable and take strength from the knowledge and enthusiasm you have about the job you are applying for.

Marijuana is sales and distribution in many states and territories are no longer restricted to the black market or dark backstreet pushers as cannabis gets legal. With the legality of marijuana, it is not only the human sicknesses that it will cure but also the lack of professional opportunities for talented individuals who may not have been given a chance in other industries.

As the marijuana industry gets bigger, more and more job opportunities will open in many areas and if you are one of those individuals who wish to work in a respectable job, a job in the marijuana industry could be the dream job that you are looking for.

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