The Basics About Cloning your Marijuana Plants

cloning marijuana plants

Well actually what you will be cloning is the gorgeous plants that come from those free pot seeds you scored from the Marijuana seed companies offers. Because many of these seeds are a potent strain, of very high and productive quality, it is wise to think about cloning the females you get from the.

Cloning your marijuana plants is not hard, be patient

It isn’t hard at all, but it is wise to take your time, have a very steady hand when you start the process, (don’t be high) and know a few very basic things before you start. Start small! Don’t raise a crop of sixty or seventy ganja babies with the intent to clone them all, especially not if you are new to this process, or if it’s the first time you have done it unaided. Being a sucker for punishment or an over-confident cowboy breeder is not the path you want to go down, both scenarios will cause you endless grief. So, start small! You can raise sixty or seventy plants and get them into a vegetating cycle, then select ten out of those that you want to clone.

The whole “feminization” of cannabis seeds thing

Here’s a real quick warning to all and sundry. When you are germinating your seeds and then putting their little green butts into the vegetative cycle, remember this to avoid a lot of disappointment down the road: Even if your marijuana seeds are feminized, expect a certain amount of them to go male, or to fail to germinate. The feminization process is complex, and if done correctly involves an incredibly powerful and UNSTABLE mutagen. Only if you are really lucky will all your feminized seeds go femmy.

Are my baby marijuana plants boy or girl?

Obviously, you don’t want to clone a male if you can help it. Which brings to light the next question, if my plants only start showing gender specifics once the light cycle is switched to the flowering phase, what am I to do? Here’s your answer, choose 8 plants to clone. Out of those eight, make 4 clones off of each. Out of those eight plants, at least three will go female. Keep track of your parent plants and their clone offspring; you will need a labeling system. THAT IS IMPERATIVE. Once the light cycle gets shifted, both the parent plant and the clones will start showing their genders. Unless you have a breeding program in place, get rid of the males.

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