The Marijuana Free Seeds Are the Real Deal

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the free weed seeds offered through multiple marijuana seed sites are crummy freebies with little or no value as a genetic, or strain. That line of thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth. The freebies you get from the marijuana seed sites are every bit as good and as potent as the seeds you are actually paying for, so get busy with your shopping. Be prepared to think and evaluate through the purchasing experience.

Free pot seeds are a good thing, a very good thing

Free seeds are all good in every way you can think of, good for the pocketbook, good for the breeding program, and good for your potential clients, or just good for you. Whether you have received a nice Bandana variant, or an outcross of Widow and Haze, it will perk up your product line, and who knows, it may be so good that you will go ahead and start incorporating it into your regular and consistent breeding program. What could be better?

The weed seed companies have done the research on their end

None of these seeds are slouches, and generally the genetics that you can buy, or that you get for free are the product of years of research and breeding. Due to the fact that quality genetics are not an inexpensive venture, the free seeds stand the potential to be an incredible boon to your breeding program, and that is always a good thing.   Be prepared to go into your seed purchasing with your eyes wide open, don’t rush into the glitziest offer out there, just take your time and select the freebies that seem to be the best deal, and will complement your breeding operation.

Free pot seeds can, and do stand the test of time

Free is always good, so even if your freebies aren’t the best thing on the planet, you didn’t pay for them!   Chances are that they will be very good genetics, and entirely viable through the germination process, so get yourself on the bandwagon, and spend some money in order to get the freebies.  Let your freebies be an adjunct, or potential new series of strains that you can offer your customers when the time comes for them to bear fruit.  Always shop to compare what the different seed breeders are offering, in either the regular genetics, or the freebies, and then bust out your credit card and make that purchase.

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