The pre-soak method of germinating your free marijuana seeds

After you have placed your precious ganja seeds in the mineral water to soak, you need to leave them in a room that is quiet, relatively dust free, and stays at a constant room temperature. Here’s another tip, once you have all your seeds germinating quietly away, make sure you can close the door to the room they are in, and turn off the light. Once again, light is not a good thing during this phase, whether it is from the sum, or a 60 watt bulb. Keep the lights off.  If you cannot afford mineral water, once again you can use tap water, but make sure it is allowed to sit for at least 30 hours before you use it, that way the chlorine and other nasty stuff leaches out of the tap water.  Also make sure that the room or area you are using will stay at a constant and warm temperature, I know lots of people who will germinate their seeds by placing the glass on the water heater. That ensures steady and constant warmth, just what your marijuana seeds ordered.

Hurry up and wait on those marijuana seeds

You need to allow the seeds 24 to 30 hours at this point in their development. They are going to focus on absorbing water and air as much as they can from their warm little baths. Let them do that uninterrupted. Try not to touch them or disturb them for the next 30 hours. I know that you are crazy eager to see them, and watch them, but just leave them alone. Go find something to do for a few days, or a day and a night. After 30 or so hours, you can go into the room and turn on the light, take the plastic cups off of them, and see what they are doing.  One of the first things you should notice is that the seeds will have sunk to the bottom. If only some of them have sunk to the bottom, take a clean and sterile utensil, and gently stir the water. Quite often a bubble that you cannot see will have stuck to the floating seeds, by stirring them gently; you release the bubble, and will see the seed gently float to the bottom. If it doesn’t, be patient, cover everything back up again, and wait another 8 to ten hours.

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