The seriously stealthy marijuana grow room, be prepared to shell out some bucks.

Sure, growing marijuana is a risky enterprise however you decide to approach it, and whether or not you are growing for medical marijuana or for your recreational behaviors.  If you live in an area where the coppers love nothing more than to bust indoor grows, than take some precautions to avoid having that happen.

Having seriously stealthy marijuana grow means having a seriously stealthy mouth

seriously stealthy marijuana grow room
seriously stealthy marijuana grow room

First things first, do not talk to people about your grow. Seriously, I know I have discussed this before, but if nobody knows you are growing, nobody will accidentally open their huge mouths to the wrong people. Please take this advice to heart; I do not want you to learn this the hard way. Even if you are telling a wife, a husband, a boy or girlfriend, things and people change, and you need to keep marijuana grows close to your chest, if you will. There are some other great things you can do of a more technical nature; I am going to tell you about at least one of them right now

For the stealth marijuana grower, a stealth fabric is in order

Not sure what a stealth material is?  I will tell you.  Stealth materials and fabrics are fabrics that block infra- red imaging scanners, whether from a helicopter or a police car cruising by your house. They also block or modify any signal you might be sending out through your grow room.  If you live in an area where the cops are prone to resorting to these kinds of tactics, I cannot recommend this stuff highly enough.  Not only can they not get a read, or get a correct read off of your  grow room and grow room equipment, even if a certain amount of heat signature escapes, it isn’t enough for them to base any type of an arrest on.  Here’s another warning, generally the police are not going to attempt to scan your house whether from the sky or the street unless an informant has told them something about your grow. So yes, the lecture about keeping your mouth shut does apply.  Stealth fabrics are not cheap, but they are a lot cheaper than you going to jail.

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