The Seriously Stealthy Marijuana Grow Room

marijuana stealth grow box

Having a cannabis grow room is a risky endeavor, however, you need to decide on how to use it properly. Whether or not you’re growing for medicinal cannabis or for recreational purposes, the risk is just the same. If you live in a place where the cops like nothing more than to raid indoor grows, then take some precautions to prevent having this scene to happen. There are many reasons to focus on stealth marijuana grow boxes. In choosing the perfect cannabis seed strain, taking some plain insurance could help your garden stay hidden and safe. Successful cannabis grow could give itself away in a variety of ways, not all of these are obvious. You need to insulate light, minimize noise, and conceal odors. In this article, we will feature all the things that you must consider in the stealth marijuana grow box.

Things to Consider in a Stealthy Marijuana Grow Room

Choosing a Grow Box

Before introducing your actual stealth grow boxes for marijuana, you must take a moment and think conspiratorial. What’s important in small stealth grow box marijuana? It’s beneficial to have a full picture. That is why we have gathered the list of the most important safety precautions to consider when choosing a stealth grow cabinet. Before everything, decide on what cannabis strain you would like to grow. Study the plant’s potential and capacity yields. Whether it is a single or dual room better stealth grow cabinet or tent for marijuana growing.


The amazingly strong aroma of ripe marijuana could easily become overwhelming. Some cannabis seed strains like Hindu Kush, Cheese, and Skunk are most potent. Possessing these buds from giving away your growth takes serious odor management. And there are 2 ways in marijuana stealth grow boxes fight odors. 

Odor Absorbing Gels

Some of the cheap grow boxes use odor-controlling gels. They’re working perfectly in small stealth grow box marijuana, but they’re not strong enough for mostly stinky strains or larger setups, and also gels are consumers over the time and would need replacing. Do not just follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, but be ready to change them sooner if you begin to perceive any odor. The ONA Gel is one of the most famous odor absorbing gel. It comes in a jar and uses it’s a breeze. You just have to open the jar near your plant and the odor would instantly fade away. It would neutralize the scent immediately. It would last for around 5 weeks before replacing it. 

Carbon Filters/Scrubbers

A carbon filter is the perfect choice for total peace of mind as long as the order is concerned. Carbon filter worlds by passing the outburst of the air from your growing facility through activator carbon particles. Activated carbons are charcoal that has been synthetically treated to give it a very open structure. The outcome is a highly porous chemical that has an amazing massive surface part, making lots of spaces to trap the tiny little odor molecules. Pick a system with the biggest particles possible by either eight weight or size. Bigger particles are more powerful in order to control. You would have to change the activated carbon in your filter occasionally. Exhaust systems would generally measure around 6” in diameter. If you haven’t bought your setup, always go for a 6” sizing for your fan, filter and ducting. Smaller boxes are hardly enough for low-scale operations and 8” versions are planned for bigger commercial yields. 


Strange lights coming from attics, spare rooms or tend, and cabinets could also be a revealing sign that there is a bit of indoor growing going on. It is very important that all of the light stays inside the stealth grow box for marijuana. But, it’s not the only reason. Lighting in indoor marijuana cultivation is primarily imitating the actual sunlight that the cannabis plant is meant to take the particular season. Once the plant’s life begins, it contemplates the sunlight period to last longer than the dark stage. When the season starts, sunlight reduces and the cannabis plant realizes that the phase for flowering has come. Pre-flowering cannabis requires 12 hours of undisturbed darkness and 12 hours of light. So, it is important that no natural light is suffocating the growing room throughout the dark cycles. If there’s one in your DIY stealth grow box, you must instantly cover it with a special lightproof tape. Good marijuana stealth grow box would be completely light-tight and covered to keep the light in. 

Temperature Control

The warm air would be released through your grow boxes’ ventilation system, so pick the perfect spot you would put it carefully. It would be great to avoid areas where visitors go. A ventilating file box may become very spectacular for prying eyes. 

Why do Grow Boxes Get Hot?

Your cannabis grows lights are the source of heat in stealth marijuana grow box. Specifically, the HID lights, produce so much heat and could burn plants in the small space of DIY stealth grow box. Choose LED or CFL lights, for a stealth grow. CFL Grow Lights keep cool to the touch and make directing heal in a grow boxes easy. They’re not effective as generating high yields as Full-Spectrum LEDs or HIDs. LED grow lighting has gained a place as the “Holy Grail” of low heat marijuana lighting. But, they’re not a general solution. Reflection: the most stealth marijuana grow boxes for marijuana are covered with mylar, the reflective wall that returns roaming light to the concentrate of the marijuana grow box. These enhance growth and covers the marijuana grow box. Search for marijuana grow boxes with removable mylar walls for easier cleaning. 


There are 2 important financial factors to consider in buying a stealth grow cabinet. The worth of setting up and the utility bill that is recurring. In some cases, it’s actually better to fund quality products. They would end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

The Setting Up Cost

You must consider your goals in choosing marijuana grow box. If you’re an occasional cannabis grower, a cheap grow box may be a reasonable alternative. However, if you plan to use the cannabis grow box continuously and stealth is necessary to your work, funding in a higher quality marijuana grow box is understandable. 

The Ongoing Utility Bills

If you’re searching for an effective grow box. A hot system is the reverse of this and is more expensive to work than cool systems. The HIDs are the most costly after that are CFLs with LEDs being the low-price alternative in terms of an electric bill. Always remember that Marijuana Grow Box kits would also have fan working and hydro systems would have air and water pumps works too. But, the electricity utilization of these components is unimportant by contrast. 


Noise is one of the obvious causes for concern when thinking about stealth. The noise of water trickling and low hums could seem almost unheard during daytime but sound blaring during the night. Fortunately, most of the stealth grow boxes for marijuana use basic designs to work quietly. If your neighbors are just behind walls, they would never hear something. If the people that you don’t want to hear the noise are in the same room, then you may want to reconsider the locations of your operations together. The primary source of the noise from the stealth grow cabinet comes from the fans. It’s safe to say that the greater the quality fans would run the quietest. Remember that the quality if considered in the price is more frequent than not, so you need to balance your need for stealth with your budget. 


The appearance of a grow marijuana stealth box is the main key to stealthy growth. Think of a camouflage. If it’s something that’s going to be in a crowded place in your house, you would want something that mixes seamlessly with the place. 

Final Thoughts

In a marijuana stealth grow box, there’s a lot to consider and a lot to learn for you to safely grow your marijuana plants in your home, and would not be busted by the cops. Over the years, there would be more danger to watch out for, but growing your own marijuana in a stealth way has actually gotten easier and safer over time if you would just follow and take into consideration these matters. 

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