The Viability of Marijuana Seeds – Ways to Prevent them From Dying

how long do marijuana seeds last

Marijuana, just like any other plant grows from seeds. Their life cycle of a few months from growing into seedlings up to reaching its flowering state when its precious buds are harvested starts with the humble seed. Marijuana growers know that the value of seeds and that is why most of them stock seeds of their favorite marijuana plant for future use. But not only growers are aware of the benefits of seeds. Even consumers love to sprinkle marijuana seeds into their food to make it more delicious and nutritious. But how long does marijuana seeds last and what could we do to store them properly?
Here are the important factors on why your seeds do not germinate or last longer during storage.


To be able to store seeds for a long time, you need to have high-quality seeds. Seed quality does not only refer to the type or variety of marijuana plant that the seed will germinate into. Seed quality refers first of all to their age, ability to germinate, and their ability to be stocked for long periods.

High-quality seeds are measured by their age, their viability or their ability to germinate and their ability to be stocked for a long period as these are all interrelated. Young seeds are seeds that are packed and shipped as soon as they are harvested from their buds and they are the seeds that have the most probability of germinating into a seedling. Old seeds or those that may have been damaged or improperly packed, shipped and stored make take time to germinate or may not germinate at all as they are bad seeds.

Seeds that have been stored for a long time or in wrong shipping and storage conditions may also die during the process and will never germinate at all. Bad seeds also refer to seeds that may have been damaged by a disease or pests while being shipped or stored and will never be any good and should be disposed of immediately.


Seed viability is also affected by the way they are stored. Although you may not be able to make bad seeds good by proper storage, you may be able to keep good seeds good for a longer period by proper storage. Two of the things that affect seed’s health during storage is their climate and physical protection such as packaging.

During storage, seeds require very low relative humidity and temperature and it is, therefore, a good practice to keep it in the refrigerator but never inside the freezer. It is also best to keep the seeds in their original packaging as it protects the seed from any outside influence. If you have leftover seeds, you may transfer it to a sterile plastic container and put it inside the refrigerator.

Being in the refrigerator is superior to simply be left in any part of your house or garden because the refrigerator protects your seeds from temperature and humidity fluctuations and sunlight. The refrigerator is perfect as it has very good climate control and total protection from any harmful element that shall affect your seeds.


Seeds do not only become bad or die during storage but they may also die during germination. Germination is the stage when the seeds develop a basic system of roots, stems, and leaves that will be collect nutrients and water from the germination medium and sunlight and carbon dioxide from the air.

Some seeds may germinate but they ultimately die and do not grow into seedlings even if proper germination conditions are not met.

Proper germination conditions require a germination medium, proper moisture, oxygen, and temperature. Germination medium for marijuana seeds is best done on a plate and paper towels. Put layers of paper towels on a plate and soak them with distilled water. Do not use tap water as tap water contain chlorine which may affect your seeds and may even kill them.

Line up the seeds on the paper towel at least an inch apart from each other and cover it with more sheets of paper towels. Two paper towels below and above the seeds is ideal for holding enough moisture and letting air circulate between them. Keep the temperature between 21 to 32 degrees Celsius by keeping the seeds moist and away from direct sunlight or heat source. Any temperature fluctuation of being too cold will be bad for the seeds.

To warm temperature may even induce the growth of bacteria which will contaminate your seeds. Paper towels are the best medium for germination as they are easy to maintain, easy to observe if seeds have germinated, and easy to transplant by simply tearing away the paper towel. Just make sure that you sure purely organic towel as your germination medium.

Some growers prefer to germinate seeds in jiffy plugs and other seed germination pots where they put the seed too deep into the container. Sometimes seeds get buried deeper when the pot is being watered due to water pressure which kills the seeds due to drowning and lack of air. It is also important to carefully transplant the seeds from the paper towel or from any medium you used so that its delicate roots do not get damaged.

Healthy seeds are your first steps to a great harvest and you must take all precautions in handling them as they are very delicate. Whether you are planting them now or keeping them for the next season, you can make marijuana seeds last longer during storage or even germination to become healthy marijuana plants that will give you a hefty yield.

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