Some great ways to vent heat in the marijuana grow

Some great ways to vent heat in the marijuana grow

We all understand the dangers of too much heat in the grow room. We know what to look for in-out marijuana plants if too much heat is building up,  and we understand the importance of thermometers and heat meters placed throughout the grow room that are constantly monitored, whether by a person or electronically. There are some great ways to control heat build ups in your grow room, let’s discuss a few of them.

The open roofed marijuana grow room

Here’s a great concept, leave your grow room open roof. In a marijuana grow room, it is easy enough to cover the roof when the light cycle is down. Whether with a soft and dense fabric or with a hardcover manufactured out of Styrofoam or some other material and designed to fit snugly over the grow room roof. An open roof allows excess heat to escape in the direction it is most likely to move toward, and that is straight up.  If you are still worried about light filtering through your roof covers, make sure that all the lights in the room your grow room is in are off at the same time your light phase is off. You shouldn’t be building the grow room in a busy area of the house anyway. Seriously, try to build your interior grow room in a part of your home where no one spends much time, for more reasons than one.

Try building removable panels into your marijuana grow room

This one requires more planning in the design stage of your marijuana grow room. Design your grow room walls so that at least two of them have a removable panel in the wall, hopefully on opposite sides of the grow room from one another.  Removable panels can help solve a lot of problems in the grow room, excessive heat build-up being one of them.  If your removable panels should have a nice lightweight interior wall material on them. They can be very light and easy to handle and move around.  These types of portable panels are very helpful in the grow room in more ways than one. They allow the grow room operator to access the marijuana grow room far more easily and effectively.  Be aware that heat build-up can slowly, or quickly kill your marijuana plants. Prepare to take the steps it requires to avoid having that happen.

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