Want to order your ganja seeds online but are afraid to do it with your credit card? There are some great solutions.

Whether you are 18 or 65, it is always wise to be cautious purchasing something online with a credit card in your name. Sometimes that is the only credit card you have, and sometimes there are other options. Let me give you a few assurances here, and then make some suggestions. Every single seed selling site that I deal with will destroy your credit card information immediately following a successful transaction. They have no desire to be part and parcel of a witch hunt, and they do not want anyone going after either you, or them in order to cause problems. All the seed sites have a page devoted to how they protect you, the customer, and your right to privacy and stealth. I advise that you read the page carefully, make note of any questions you may have, and then email the seed site and ask those questions. They will answer you. If a marijuana seed company does not offer the most basic assurances of privacy and stealth in the credit card process, you probably don’t want to use them.

The seed sites will not bill your credit card as a seed site

The seed sites own many different business names and they use them when billing your credit card. Names as innocuous as “Fleisher’s Gift Emporium” will be the billing that shows up on your credit card statement, and for the most part these business names will do the trick.  That is yet another thing you need to verify before you make the purchase. These names change with regularity, the marijuana seed sites are out to make money, a part of them making that money is to assure you the client that you are protected.  Again, if they don’t offer these services, don’t use them. Get your facts straight before you order, it will save you a lot of stress and worry after the fact.

Try using a pre-paid card under a business name, or a one-time pre-paid credit card when purchasing your online weed seeds

I have never had to do this, but look into a pre-paid credit card before making your purchase. Get the exact amount of the order you want from the marijuana seed site, and then get a pre-paid card in that name. Give a different address on the pre-paid card from your shipping address, and then don’t use it again. It still shows up as record, but at the wrong address. It is one way to think about doing it.

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