What is it with mail order marijuana_

What is it with mail order marijuana?

If you’ve heard the term mail order marijuana, or mail order bud, please don’t be misled. This is not truly marijuana, it is a cocktail of a series of other plants that may, or may not have the same effects as marijuana, in varying degrees. If you want to try some, please do, it is definitely legal, and is usually rather inexpensive in comparison to marijuana. 

I know people who have tried it and enjoyed it but realize that it is not marijuana. Mail order marijuana is a specific reference to a blend of herbs that has the same or similar effects as true marijuana, in all its’ THC -loaded glory has. The herbs vary but are often a mix of valerian, some hops, damiana, and or kava-kava. It is quite often a milder smoke that true marijuana bud and the effects can be both palliative and soothing, with varying degrees of intensity, depending on the individual user.

Mail order marijuana (or Legal Bud) is sold mostly online

Despite the fact that it is legal, most tobacco shops don’t want to carry it because of the hassles they might receive from the police. Our best bet for mail order marijuana is to go online and order the product. Then have it shipped to your door. These legal and natural herbs can offer stress relief, pain relief, nerve soothing. In some instances, they can enhance the sexual experience if that is your desire.

The online companies offer different mixes and blends of these legal bud potions. They exist to address specific needs the consumer may have. Do some price comparing and shopping around. The prices are competitive. The legal bud market is quite competitive due to the increasing popularity of the product.

A general warning about legal bud, or mail order marijuana

While it is a lovely alternative to the real thing, be cautious about the blends that you purchase. Some of the ingredients may be ones that will show up on a drug test. This includes an herb that has a mix of plants that are members of the marijuana family, or if your herbal blend has any kind of poppy in it. Poppy seeds off of a bagel can test positive for heroin, so don’t take this too lightly. Just because a drug test is not showing a positive for THC does not mean you are off the hook. Read the labels people.

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