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What is Sativa All About

Cannabis is a natural substance which can be utilized for both recreational and medicinal purposes. It is classified into two, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Out of curiosity and for the information of those who are seeking for answers, we conducted a research on cannabis sativa. In lay man’s term, this is the mind drug. Cannabis Sativa’s effects are more on the mind rather than the body. It is preferred to be used before you start your day because it helps in elevating your mood, alleviating anxiety and depression as well as developing your sense of focus. Sativa connoisseurs are into this classification because it helps them accomplish their day-to-day activities.

The origins of sativa plans lie in the land of Western Eurasia and Europe. The term sativa was the idea of Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist. Initially, the name was cannabis sativa L, giving honor to Sir Linnaeus but eventually called as cannabis sativa. With the curiosity he upholds, he conducted a research about cannabis sativa and discovered that its yield is rich in production of seeds and fiber. He believed that sativa plants tend to target the control centers of the body such as the mind leading to the recommendation of being used as a treatment for mental conditions.

Cannabis Sativa’s utilization results in greater relaxation physically and mentally. Considering that it contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol and low levels of cannabidiol, you have to be mindful of the psychoactive effects accustomed to it. The count of tetrahydrocannabinol can lead to paranoia, migraine, and dizziness if not moderately used. It is the ideal classification of cannabis for patients or users who are in need of physical and mental relief not to the point of relaxation but being able to accomplish your daily tasks. What you have to keep in mind is the side-effects accustomed to it when not moderately used. If you are not taking the correct dosage and the correct strain that will suit your needs, worst case scenario is that it can mess up with your mind.


Taking into consideration its medicinal and recreational utilization, the proportion of its THC and CBD levels make it a recommendation for therapies. This is the preferred strain of those self-esteem is low and having a hard time communicating and socializing. Impressive as it may seem, but cannabis sativa is one of the suggested strains in the field of medicine with its exemplary properties that keep you happy and uplifted. Another factor which constitutes in the potency of cannabis sativa is the increase in serotonin. Serotonin helps in elevating mood, inducing sleep, alleviating anxiety and depression, increases appetite and regulates learning and focus.

Cannabis sativa is established to give you the euphoric high which helps in your daily activities. It is one of the suggested classifications of cannabis in treating mental disorders. It does not necessarily mean that it will treat these mental disorders but it alleviates its symptoms such as fluctuating of mood, a sudden change in lifestyle, emotional fatigue, change in appetite, self-destructiveness and other stress-related conditions. In comparison to using laboratory-formulated medicines, cannabis sativa alleviates the side-effects it is causing and it also improves your performance in accomplishing your daily tasks. Keep in mind that this is still subject for intensive research and should be used under moderation.

In addition to this, sativa has natural pain relieving properties as if you are free from stress. It also alleviates fatigue leaving you completely relaxed and in the mood to do your daily activities. This is preferred by patients who are suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder or A.D.D. for it decreases the cases of forgetfulness and distractibility. Considering that it helps your mind and body to be placed in the state of relaxation, symptoms such as restlessness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity cease. You just have to be mindful of the side-effects it upholds. The good thing about cannabis sativa is the lasting effects that you will be able to maximize it.

What we liked the most about cannabis sativa is the way it helps the development of those people who are experiencing low self-esteem and who are having a hard time socializing. With sativa-dominant strains, it helps alleviate your anxiety helping you out in better communication and comprehension. Suggested to be taken during day-time, cannabis sativa increases your sense of creativity and focus. The increase in serotonin levels results in regulating sleep, alleviating anxiety and increasing your appetite. The benefits do not just stop there, it helps in regulating learning too. Since it increases your sense of focus and creativity and regulates learning, this is a big help especially to those who are easily distracted and has a lot of tasks to work on.

The target of cannabis sativa is your mind. It is a natural medicine proven to alleviate cases of anxiety and depression. Today, laboratory-formulated medicines are accustomed to other side-effects making the conditions worse. Anti-depressants for example, yes, it does help in elevating your mood but at the same time, it makes your body feel couch-locked and your head a bit bugled. Impressive as it may seem, but cannabis sativa strains are one of the suggested strains in the field of medicine with its exemplary properties that keep you happy and uplifted. The side-effects are very minimal when the right dosage is taken.


Cannabis sativa is best grown in locations with a warm environment. It works well with indoors and outdoors through the more exposure to sunlight the more wealthy its growth will be. In comparison to cannabis indica, the structure of growth is different. You can identify the difference between growing cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Cannabis Sativa’s leaves grow thinner and it grows taller of up to 6 feet or more. It grows vertically rather than horizontally that is why it requires proper maintenance and monitoring. The potential growers should have experience in growing too in order to cultivate it properly.

A thing to be remembered about sativa hybrids is that its flowering time is a bit lengthy. It may take up to 12 weeks but rest-assured that the day of harvest is worth the wait. Not just it has satisfactory effects for you to maximize but the yield is very wealthy. Cannabis sativa need to take time for flowering especially when grown indoors. If you harvest without reaching its maturity, the effects are not as satisfying and the yield is not that much. There is a variety of process in terms of cultivating this classification of cannabis. The medicinal and recreational benefits will not disappoint you.


Scrutinizing cannabis sativa, you can say that this is the classification of strain for you. A piece of advice, make sure that you know what your mind and body’s needs are. Sativa pure-breeds are rich in medicinal and recreational benefits, yes, but you have to keep in mind if you are taking the right one. The quickest way to boost your day is using cannabis sativa. It will give you the cerebral buzz leaving you energetic and ready for whatever you have to do.

If you are having a hard time controlling your mood swings and managing physical fatigue, then this is the right strain for you. Cannabis sativa has the potency which helps in keeping your mood elevated as well as it helps in alleviating physical fatigue. The effects it has on your mind helps you out in being productive. This is one of the reasons why cannabis connoisseurs and patients seek this type of strain. It helps you out in getting through your day especially to those who are losing motivation and will to work or to study.

Considering that it ceases stress-related conditions, you will be able to function properly. The high tetrahydrocannabinol levels are the cause of the gradual elevation in mood. You just have to be mindful of the psychoactive properties accustomed to it since it is inevitable. What we highly suggest is to control the intake of cannabis sativa strains in order to avoid overdose and addiction. Yes, it has a lot of medicinal and recreational benefits but on the other hand, you have to be mindful of what it can do to your body too.

What cannabis sativa can offer is exceptional. There is a variety of potential and improvement that can still be worked on. A lot of characteristics that it upholds that is still subject for research can still be used for other utilization not just in the field of medicine or recreation. Observing the effects it has on people, we can say that cannabis sativa is more than just for the sake of being high. Yes, it is a plus point but there are a lot of fields that it can be of use. There are a lot of researches that was already made on what it does to people. Some are negative while some are positive. It really varies depending on your perspective.

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