Worried about delivery of your free weed seeds in your state?

The first thing you need to do is to check the laws in your state. I cannot stress this enough, Medical marijuana laws are changing very rapidly, both for better and for worse. If you have the great misfortune of living in a state that does not allow the growing of Medical Marijuana I am sorry. You might be better behooved by going to the closest adjacent state and opening up a PO Box in that state in order to get your seeds. Seriously people, don’t run the risk of having your pricey purchase

What could happen to your free weed seeds?

If you decide to tough it out, and have seeds sent to you in your state, several things can happen. Your shipment might be confiscated in the state that you live in, and you will receive a polite letter indicating that the shipment of Marijuana seeds in your state is against the law. Or there could be repercussions above and beyond just a simple seizure, repercussions that will affect your civil liberties more egregiously. Whatever the case may be, don’t chance it. Go to another state and open up a PO Box for two months. It is worth it to not lose your money and your seeds and your liberty in one fell swoop.

Take a close look at how your pot seed provider plans to ship the seeds

Take a close look at how the company you want to order from is planning on shipping your seeds. Many of them offer stealth shipping, in various forms, that they guarantee will foil even a USPS Postal scanner. There is another company that offers all the stealth shipping goodies, and guarantees that if your shipment gets confiscated, and you have the letter to prove it, they will replace your shipment at no charge. Remember, these seed companies have as their primary client’s people in the USA. They should be stepping up to the plate for you. There is also a company out there who up until a year ago insisted on sending their seeds to the Post Office for you to go in and sign for. Idiots, and yes, they are still in business. No you do not want to go to the post office and sign for your package; it should be delivered to your door. These morons are one of the most problematic seed sites out there, and are possessed of terrible customer service. I can’t say names, but I will give you a clue, their name is also a goal of many Eastern Indian religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism.

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