Worried that your info might get out if you order your pot seeds online? Don’t.

The weed seed sites always see to it that their customers are protected. They do not and will not disclose your information to anybody. As a matter of fact, they often destroy it. They want no part of anyone going after you for ordering marijuana seeds. There are no marijuana seed sites operating out of the US, because currently it is illegal. The majority of them operate out of countries that find American drug laws ludicrous for good reason, they are ludicrous. End of story.

Where do all of those seeds come from?

The majority of the weed seed sites operate out of Holland, England and Sweden. Canada used to have multitudes of them, but the shifting legalized marijuana climate changed that, and not for the better. Hopefully, Canada will start being able to beat back the negative attention focused so acutely on them as of late, and start offering an entire seed line again. Rumor has it that the Canadian pot seed businesses used to operate in complete legality; until the US started bringing pressure to bear on the legal system of Canada. Big Brother kind of stinks. Once again, it is wise to check out the laws of every country you are interested in ordering seeds from. Some of it is perfectly legal, some is not. Be careful. Often you can go online and check out the laws around the sale and distribution of marijuana seeds from any country. Don’t rely on information that an employee of any of the foreign companies tells you, it is in their best interests to sell you seeds, not to be truthful about the laws concerning their country.

Be prepared to go into this process with your eyes open

Here’s a cautionary tale. I had a friend order some seeds from a company based in Amsterdam. He got his seeds, but never received his freebies. When he was finally able to get through to someone via email about the lack of a full order, these were their words to him. “Sorry. We’ll send you your freebies the next time you order seeds from us”. A little bit of a shock, and no, he never ordered seeds from that company again. And they never sent him his free seeds. Again, check the reputations of the seed companies you are dealing with before you buy. There are independent rating sites out there, find them, and read carefully what they have to say. Watch your money like a hawk, and don’t let people rip you off. Complain. If that doesn’t work, complain again.

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