Your most excellent marijuana grow room that you built

So you have your basic diagram in mind, and you are ready to get started building up the walls of your grow room. You have made all of the decisions about reflective materials, marijuana seeds and grow mediums, you have determined how you want to build you wall structures and the best materials to use in that process, and you have your sizes and measurements down perfectly. You feel comfortable with building a series of free standing wall structures, or you have done it before, and this might be kids play. I am still going to give you some pointers for making that build just as easy as it can be, with a minimum of cost and hassle.

The interior walls of your grow room, where you will affix your reflective materials.

Some people use sheetrock for the interior surfaces of the grow room wall, and some people don’t use anything at all, they just hang the reflective material from the top 2×4 and tack it down onto the vertical 2×4’s with tape. I recommend neither of these approaches.  Sheetrock, although it presents a nice flat surface for the interior walls is a very heavy material, and not particularly easy to work with. Remember that as you build this grow room, you want to build it with an eye toward being able to disassemble with relative ease and quickness.  Sheetrock does not loan itself to rapid disassembly very easily.  I also do not recommend no interior surface walls at all, you do want a nice flat surface to evenly and easily attach your reflective materials to, or if you just want to paint it, you have to have a surface to paint.  Here’s a great alternative to sheetrock or nothing, try a heavy gauge or heavy thickness Styrofoam board.

This isn’t you grandmas Styrofoam that you are using in your marijuana grow room.

It is out there, you just have to do a little digging to find it. Heavy duty Styrofoam is used in all kinds of building applications, and it can be very durable, stiff, and resistant to damage. It also makes a great flat surface to affix your reflective materials to, or to paint.  It makes you walls extremely light when time comes to take them down, and store them. While not a very green material, it will last for a long time if well taken care of. I highly recommend you try it.

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